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Robe of Corpses
Price: 1000 + (HD × 100) + (300 × DC modifier) gp; see text
Body Slot: Body
Caster Level: 6th
Aura: Moderate necromancy; DC 15
Activation: Use Activated
Weight: 1 lb.

This handy item functions much like a robe of bones for the truly serious necromancer. It appears to be an unremarkable robe, but a character who dons it notes that it is adorned with small embroidered figures representing undead creatures and/or corpses. Only the wearer of the robe can see the embroidery and recognize them for what they are, and detach them. One figure can be detached each round. Detaching a figure causes it to become what it actually was before being attached and can be thrown up to 15 feet before resuming its original form.

Unlike a robe of bones, this robe may have any corpse or undead creature magically transformed into embroidery and attached to it. The wearer need simply touch the undead creature or corpse and will it into the robe (this is a standard action and may require a successful touch attack on non-controlled undead). Undead that are in your control remain in your control but still count towards your limit of controllable undead and you may lose control of them if your limit is breached. Those undead not under your control may attempt a Will save against a DC equal to 10 + the wearer's will save bonus + the robe's DC modifier (each robe may have a different one affecting price) each minute to cancel the robe's effect on them. If an undead succeeds, it appears in a random space adjacent to the robe's wearer.

In the case an undead creature that commands spawns or has some other undead under their control is embroidered, they are able to telepathically command their undead that are within 60 ft. of the robe and may send a command to any number of their undead within range.

Each robe of corpses has a set number of HD that may be embroidered onto it. An attempt to transform an Undead creature with more HD than the robe has available does nothing but waste a standard action.

Robes of corpses may be created by anyone with the Craft Wondrous Item feat and the willingness to create it. The max HD that may be embroidered and the DC modifier is chosen at the time of creation.

To create a random Robe of Corpses, see the table below.

Table: Random Robe of Corpses

Name HD Dice DC Modifier Dice
Common 1d20 1d6-2
Uncommon 2d20 1d12-3
Rare 4d20 3d6-4
Epic 2d100 2d12

For reference to common robes of corpses, see the table below.

Table: Common Robes of Corpses

Name HD Allowed DC Modifier Formula Cost
Robe of Corpses, Lesser 12 0 1000 + (12*100)+(0*300) 2200 gp
Robe of Corpses, Medium 25 1 1000 + (25*100)+(1*300) 3800 gp
Robe of Corpses, Greater 50 3 1000 + (50*100)+(3*300) 6900 gp
Robe of Corpse Imprisonment 40 10 1000 + (40*100)+(10*300) 8,000 gp
Robe of Many Corpses 100 0 1000 + (100*100)+(0*300) 11,000 gp

If a robe of corpses already has undead embroidered onto it, the price raises by 100 gp per HD of undead embroidered. Intelligent undead, awakened undead, and any other sort of undead capable of casting spells or manifesting powers is treated as having 4 times it's normal HD for this purpose.

Applying a permanency spell to a robe of corpses locks it. This means that those undead that were on the robe of corpses are permanently tied to the robe of corpses and that the robe of corpses may not have new undead embroidered (though it may re-embroider the undead tied to it). The undead tied to the robe are commanded only by those who wear the robe and cannot be rebuked. If no one is wearing the robe, the undead are automatically re-embroidered onto it. Those undead may not exceed a 100 ft. radius from the robe.

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