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Gloves of Marking: This pair of soft leather gloves has been etched with a silver pattern that incorporates words from the sylvan language over the entirety of the outside of the gloves. These words call out to the good fae of the world to aid the wearer in fighting the enemies of the light. Whenever the wearer strikes a target with an unarmed attack, the target is affected by the Faerie Fire spell in a color that matches the attackers aura (chosen by the player or at random). The effect remains active until the weaerer of the glove dismisses it, the target dies, or the target is further than 30 feet from the wearer. While a target is limned in faerie fire, the gloves also glow and the wearer gains a +1 bonus to unarmed attacks against that opponent. There is no limit to the number of opponents that can be affected by this effect.

Faint evocation;CL 1st; Craft Wonderous Item, Faerie Fire, Guidance; Cost 4,000 gp, 160 XP, 4 Days; Activation: Standard; Market Price: 8,000 gp

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