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An Infinitipedia ready for use.

A magical laptop with a range of effects.

An Infinitipedia, at first glance, appears to be an ornate briefcase with brass edging. However, when opened, it reveals itself to be more complex then that. The top half of the inside has a simple black pane of metal surrounded in a brass frame, while the lower half is covered in brass buttons. Most of these buttons have a single letter or number, but two of them are blank. One of the blank buttons are colored green. When the green button is pressed, the upper screen lights up and reacts to other buttons pressed. By pushing the right buttons, the various functions of the Infinitipedia can be activated. Two functions can be active at a time, but a function can be closed by pushing the right buttons. The functions available are as follows:

Research: This function acts as a large store of information. By using this function for 2 minutes, the user gets a +4 bonus on the next Heal, Craft, Decipher Script, Profession or Knowledge check they make and they may make the check as if they were trained. All information gained via this function is purely text based.

Correspondence: This function allows the user to contact others who have an Infinitipedia. Each Infinitipedia has a unique code of letters and numbers that is revealed when this function is used. You can send a message of text to any Infinitipedia for which you know the unique code. This message will be displayed to the user of that Infinitipedia the next time they open the function, or instantly if they already have the function open. The unique code of the sender of a message is displayed next to the message. You can preform Aid Another checks through this function, but only for Heal checks, Craft checks, Decipher Script checks, Profession checks or Knowledge checks.

Documentation: This function allows the user to note down important information. One Infinitipedia can store up to 100 pages of text. Text can be entered directly, or copied from any of the other functions. Text can also be deleted easily, to free up room. Text stored is never lost unless deleted.

Entertainment: This function serves no useful purpose, allowing the user access to a variety of games. All of these games are purely text-based.

Transcribe: This function allows the user to create paper copies of text from other functions. When activated, this function prompts for paper to be slid in the back of the case. This paper comes out the front of the case, with all displayed text from the other active function copied on to it. If no other function is active, nothing is printed. No ink is required.

The upper screen can be returned to black by pressing the green button again. This closes all functions.

Moderate divination, evocation, illusion;CL 11; Sending, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Programmed Image; Cost 16,500 gp, 1,320 xp, 33 days; Weight: 3 lb.; Market Price: 33,000 gp

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