Figurine of Wondrous Power, Bloodhound (3.5e Equipment)

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This figurine of wondrous power is particularly useful for investigators and guardsmen. A tiny ruby carved in the shape of a dog, it expands into the form of a small dog on the utterance of a command word. It has the statistics of a normal bloodhound, with the following exceptions:

  • It has a +12 to Survival checks when tracking by scent.
  • It can cast follow the bloody path at will; the bloodstone it is to track must be placed in its mouth.
  • It provides its owner with the Alertness feat as long as it is within 60 feet.

The owner has an empathic link to the hound, much like a wizard’s familiar; he can make sure the dog understands what scent it is to follow. This link has a range of one mile. If the dog is slain, it reverts to its inert ruby form and cannot be resummoned for one week. Otherwise, the dog may be summoned twice per day, for a maximum of two hours per day.

Moderate divination and transmutation; CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, follow the bloody trail; Price 11,000 gp

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