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Physical Description[edit]

Ramacoro generally look like pale high elves with either red hair and eyes for males or purple hair and eyes for females. They are generally very light and flexible.


The ramacoro were part of a terrible experiment to cross elves with infernal beings. The ramacoro were technically a success, however, they quickly found themselves hated by society and hunted down until only a few remained. The remaining ramacoro went into hiding in caves and forests for thousands of years, eventually coming out to a much more accepting and less judgmental world. However they are still rare and coming across one is considered very uncommon.


Not much is known about ramacoro society after their resurgence, however it is know that ramacoro try their hardest not to emulate the hatred of their exile and have become very friendly and compasionate.

Ramacoro Names[edit]

Ramacoro name their children things in combination of elven and infernal.

Male: Clarthak, Riluk, Destatin

Female: Persephi, Pandora, Imoutin

Ramacoro Traits[edit]

An exiled elf and infernal combination that has lost all but the appearance of
Ability Score Increase. Your constitution increases by 2
Age. Ramacoro have unnaturally long lives and can live to be 800 or more
Alignment. Due to their overcomponsation to be nice, evil ramacoro are almost unheard of. However, a ramacoro may grow very spiteful of its original exile and may become evil or even chaotic evil.
Size. Your size is medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Armor of Balor. Once per long rest for 2 hours, a ramacoro grows a thick black exoskeleton that consumes its entire body. The exoskeleton grants 16 armor and gives disadvantage on Stealth. All items are magically infused into the exoskeleton.
Adaptable. You can use an action to study a creature you can see. You gain a +1 bonus to AC against attacks from the studied creature. You also have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by the studied creature. The creature remains studied while you are able to concentrate (as though this were a spell), up to 1 minute. You can use this feature again after a short rest.

Cave Dwelling[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your strength increases by 1
Darkvision. You can see in pitch blackness up to 60 ft. You cannot discern color only shades of grey.
Always in the Dark. You gain advantage on checks to find your way through a dark cave system or similar enviroment.

Forest Dwelling[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your dexterity increases by 1
Blending In. You can make a Stealth check even if you are only lightly obscured by brush, mist, or other natural cover.
Forest Specialist. You have advantage on any Nature check you make while in a forest or other wooded area.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Ramacoro Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
5′5″ +1d12 105 lb. +3d20 lbs.

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