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5e Race Design Guide
Provides a detailed guide on how to produce a class of acceptable standards on this wiki.
5e Races Reimagined
This page lists all of the inventive things people have used the core races to represent! Not sure if your idea can stand on it's own? Looking for some new ways to recycle old mechanics? Take a look!
5e Race Variants
Any revised version of a previously existing race is a race variant, and they have their own place on the wiki.
5e Subraces
In order to create additional subrace options for a core race with the subrace trait, as they do not have wiki pages themselves, you must create the subrace as its own page here.


Races without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.
Name Summary
Alien Grey Alien Greys are from a distant, advanced civilization. You have crash-landed here.
Alleozsa Astral beings that use the refracting light around to shape themselves as visible and recognizable Humanoids.
Aloii Highly logical, liquid metal beings with a thirst for knowledge.
Alraune A race of charismatic and deadly flower-people.
Alu-Fiend Half Succubus/Incubus, Half Human... What's not to love?
Amazon Warrior women, though your body size is chosen by what subrace you are.
Amazonian Goddess Giants are typically very large, fast, and smart. They contradict what it means to be a giant and aim to prove others wrong about themselves.
Ambun Muscular defenders of the castles and fortresses of the Feywild
Anansi Anansi are a higher evolved jumping spiders that inhabit forests and jungles. Spiders, in general, are already intelligent and it's a proven fact now, that all life is sentient both flora and fauna.
Angel (5e Class)
Angel Angels are spiritual beings created by a lawful good deity to act as servants, messengers and warriors.
Angels Angels are a powerful race that can use raw power and speed but beautiful to the mortal eye.
Animated Armor A suit of armor that is given life through magic and is assigned a task. Oftentimes they are left behind by their creators, left to lie dormant for hundreds of years only to wake up and seek out a new purpose.
Anthrolupe Wild Anthrolupes are the solitary hunters of the anthropomorphic wolf race the Anthrolupes. They live in the wilderness, generally far from cities.
Antilonoid Being prey does not mean being weak. (Admins: saw your comments, tried balancing. ill check back to see if anything further needs to be done. also clarified a few details)
Apeling A race of nimble and strong monkey-like people.
Aquaebant A race of aquatic humanoids with features like the original dwellers of the deep.
Aquarion Aquatic Elvenkind with a greek-styled society, and fondness of the great hunt.
Aqueous A humanoid people with strong ties to the water of the land they come from. Otherwise strikingly human, Aqueous are able to transform into a liquid form where their body is converted into a water-like substance.
Arachne Half humanoid half spider crossbreeds that inspire both curiosity and horror in those that see them
Aran-iods A robotic humanoid race built to help in a career, or adventurers.
Arborens The Arborens are a race of humanoid tree creatures that excel at stealth.
Awakened Zombie Zombies are undead creatures formed from dark magics to be unstoppable warriors.
Azara Azara are powerful creatures.
Azer Tough, dwarf-like elemental beings made of metal and fire.
Baketako A race of intelligent bipedal mollusks that value honor over even life. (In simpler terms, octopus samurai)
Barbed Devil Horrid guardians spawned in vaults of Erberus.
Barraki Creeps from the deep.
Bearon Sir. Bearington's own proud and mighty race of humanoid Ursus (Brown Bears).
Beeforged Large living constructs filled with bees
Beholder Beholders are floating, eyestalk covered creatures with gaping maws and a large, central eye.
Birali Birali are nimble cat-humanoid creatures who care not for other opinion of them.
Bladebound Bladebound serve as the enforcers of the Undying Light, and are equipped to serve as well as possible in this role.
Bladeling Warlike outsiders from the Infinite Battlefield of Acheron.
Blood Angel The child of a Tiefling and a Fallen Angel.
Blueveined Cursed to live their lives with little time, Blueveineds gain other abilities relating to the magic veins coursing within them.
Blugruim Hulking blue creatures whose hardy resilience is only countered by their kindness
Bone Splinter Barbaric land-dwelling mollusks
Brood Mother Brood Mothers can range from medium to Large in size and birth different types and amounts of insectoid children.
Bugbear Bugbears are brute force fighters with a knack for ambushing.
Bulbon Mutated humans with alien-like features.
Bullywug The self acclaimed rulers of the swamps.
Cartura Wise lion-type fey that were cast out of the feywilds by the elves.
Castoran Master Craftsmen of wood and profound house guests, these Beaver-like humanoids share similar traits to their critter cousins.
Catfolk, Variant
Cauzerauti Humanoid warthogs created for evil, that have finally escaped their wicked origins.
Centaur The nomadic horsefolk of the wilds.
Changeling, Eberron Variant Half-Human, Half-Doppelganger - the changeling is the master of disguise and intrigue.
Chattur A spacefaring race that resembles a small monkey or rodent. They are known as "space bandits".
Chibido Beautiful humanoids in both body and voice
Chicken Bawk bawk BA-KAW!
Chimeran Chimerans are tough and strong, with their natural weapons and fierceness they will overcome any obstacle
Chiropterans (Bainglor) Anthropomorphic bat-folk.
Chosen Undead
Cleansed Blight What began as an evil awakening of plants has turned into thriving settlements of these goodhearted beings.
Clugs Clugs are intelligent and strong, with their 4 arms and 2 heads.
Concubus A little fiend and a little fey make for an interesting combination.
Corrupted An enduring folk, the Corrupted make up for their comparativley weak combat skills with strong resistance and archane knowledge.
Coyouin Shark-like people who are friendly beyond belief.
Crab Man Crab-like humanoids with large claws and great strength.
Cyclops "Simple, deliberate, stubborn and hulking with one eye."
Daemonii Let these carry your power to swell within your muscles and your rage course through your veins!
Dantise Also known as Dire Elves. A crossbreed of orc and elves, the dantise blends the traits of both races.
Dark Aberrations Tall faceless beings made out of black sludge like essence.
Death Qaz Death has befallen you but the Shadowfell has raised you above both life and death
Decedent of Dmitri Descendants of a godly being that now spread his name every where they go.
Deku Scrub Small, wooden, and sharing many characteristics with plants — most other races find deku scrubs a bit odd.
Demigod (Variant) The children of the gods, those whose destiny is to rise, as champions of their divine parents.
Devilkin Devil/Mortal love baby
Dhampir The offspring of a vampire and a human necrophiliac.
Dnilb Dnilbs are eyeless bipedal fish.
Doppelganger A deceitful race of shapeshifting hedonists, with quick reflexes and strange outlooks.
Dracon Dracons are a race of dragons cursed in the egg to hatch in humanoid form.
Dragon Elf Dragon elves are a mysterious race of elves. They were once slaves to the dragons, but they are now a proud, strong race.
Dragonfolk Medium-sized agile dragons who excel in spellcasting.
Dragovian Draconic Player Race, Medium sized.
Drakin Half Human / Half Dragon who can transform into their more savage side during combat for many bonuses.
Drakoniant a giant and dragon hybrid created by Loki because he was bored and felt like stirring up trouble
Drakyn Half Humanoid / Half Dragon who can transform into their more savage side during combat for many bonuses.
Drekolac A reborn necromancer sacrifice who was sacrificed unwillingly.
Drock-Yar (Goblinoid) Sly, Bitter but unopposably Cunning.
Eberron Goblin A race that has started to carve out its own culture once more in a world where they were left behind, the goblins of Eberron hold to ancient traditions of duty and honor.
Elementling A race from the dawn of time. They appear far more like a human than elementals.
Elf orc Elf Orcs, savagely graceful or gracefully savage. You choose.
Elftaur An elf centaur.
Elven Nymph (5e race) Elven Nymphs are a mysterious race of elves. They were once slaves to the guardians of the Fey Wilds, but they are now a strong and proud race.
Embodied Mouther Humanoids with multiple hidden mouths and eyes, constantly consuming those around them.
Erinyes fierce and disciplined warriors
Fairy Fairies are nature's Immature answer to Elves. They are Chaotic even with their laws. They are shy and reclusive and adore playing tricks and pranks, seldomly bothering outsiders otherwise unless their curiosity gets the better of them with outsider technology.
Fairykind Fairykind are humanoids with fairy magic imbued within them.
Fary Tiny winged folk who hale from the Feywild.
Fire newt
Flora Colossus I am Groot, A tree like race based off of the Marvel Universe character Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.
Floran Florans are strong and swift. Though they appear to lack intelligence, they only lack education
Flumph The mysterious flumphs drift through the Underdark, propelled through the air by the jets whose sound gives them their name.
Font Skeleton Font Skeletons are NOT skeletons. They just look like them. Also, they speak in fonts.
Forest Golem A race of stone and earth golem constructs. Dark Vision 120ft
Formicid Man-sized ants.
Fragor Magnus From the beginning to the End, they were there, studying, caring and protecting the Universe from the rest of the Multiverse.
Frezia Clan
Frosk Frozen Dwarf like Ice constructs from the far northern realms.
Gadragger Gadragger are very intelligent and slightly monstrous item collectors.
Galapian A race of turtle-like humanoids that move slowly, but are very hardy and wise.
Galeb Duhr A boulderlike creature native to the Elemental Plane of Earth.
Gallifreyan, Variant
Gargoyle Grotesque creatures carved from stone.
Geist Geists are a unique form of ghost or other spirit in that they have elected to turn away from the Blessed Sleep, forming a bond with the living world that keeps them from fading away.
Geminis Part Human, Part gemstone with Supernatural talents.
Genie Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space…
Gesttil A goblin-like race with gems for eyes.
Ghost Death is less permanent then you think.
Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul)
Giantkin As varied as the great colossi that spawned them, giantkin share one thing in common: strength.
Giff Thick-skinned, hippopotami-headed spacefaring mercenaries with a love of firearms.
Gillman Wise and sturdy, the Gillmen are an aquatic humanoid race that are able to swim and breathe underwater.
Gith Former slaves of the illithids, the quick-bodied gith are split between the fierce, plundering githyanki and the disciplined, contemplative githzerai.
Glass Angel Glass men and women that are as sharp-witted as they are sharp.
Gnoll Gnolls are brutal hunters with a demonic ancestry who are fiercely loyal to their pack.
Goble "Have you ever seen something so odd you suddenly have a knife in your back?"
Goblin The question isn't "Why would you want to play a goblin?" The question is, "How uncomfortable are you with your character setting himself on fire?"
Godzilla(5e race) The King of Monsters
Goliath Panda Goliath Pandas are the creation of a mad wizard, the result was a breed of powerful and intelligent warriors.
Grassland Warrior (Human Variant)
Grauel Kemono Grauel Kemono are not attuned with their emotions or the emotions of others and are easily deceived, but make up for that with being durable, quick, and strong.
Great saber tooth Should you choose to assert yourself as king or queen of the beasts, these are the fallowing traits inherited by the genes of powerful saber-toothed cats!
Hadozee Known as deck apes, a hard-working spacefaring race known for their salty language, able warriors, but otherwise peaceful outlook.
Half-Basilisk The Half-Basilisks have a strong posture with dripping poison glowing from its claws and teeth and the large spike on its tail.
Half-Breed (Goliath / Orc) Half-Goliath, Half-Orc--massively powerful and scorned by their own cultures, Half-Breeds are borne from brutal pasts into uncertain futures.
Half-Dryad The children of the forest fey.
Half-Giant Simple, deliberate, stubborn, and hulking.
Half-Gnome Imagine a dwarf, now imagine a smart, civilized, happy, and precise dwarf with a well trimmed small beard. This is a half-gnome.
Half-Golem "Charm Person!" <-Famous last words.
Half-Kitsune A humanoid race with fox ears, fox tail, both or more anthropomorphic features of a fox.
Half-Minotaur The further hybridization between bull and humans.
Half-Oni Half oni tend to either be troubled or calm and collected souls the ones that are in between usually don't last long
Half-Oni Half oni tend to either be troubled or calm and collected souls the ones that are in between usually don't last long
Half-Troll Tough, fierce, and hungry, half-trolls combine the best traits of both their parents' biology.
Half-Vampire The regal and dark offspring of a human tainted by vampirism.
Half-hag Tall and lanky, born from hags who bed mortal men. At least they still retain minor qualities of their hag mothers.
Half Ghost
Half Oni, variant
Half Rust Monster Most dwarves would rather face a squad of orcs than confront a single Half Rust Monster. These strange creatures corrode ferrous metals, then gobble up the rust they create.
Half dwarf (5e race) Half-Dwarfs share the versatility of their human heritage while retaining some of the resilience of their Dwarven ancestors.
Haraka The Haraka are a fast snakelike people that have fast metabolisms.
Harpy Harpies are skilled on the ground and in the air, able to use their talons if unbroken and sing a song to captivate her foe.
Hellcat (ralet'ke) Hellcats, or "ralet'ke" in their native tongue, are considered magically-adept, long-lived, and very cute by most races' standards. Despite their generally-pacifistic nature, they can hold their own in a fight.
Hircus Hircus are humanoid goats with inherit fire magic and weapon training.
Hog Folk Pig-like beast men, the descendants of an entire race cursed by their Gods.
Homeblessed The Gods of the forests have blessed children to protect their forests- though most parents see this blessing as a terrifying curse.
Hominapium They're human sized bee people, they are either big bulky bumbles, or slender short killers
Homo Superior Your inheriting of the X-gene manifests itself in ways that make you both similar and dissimilar to your mutant brethren. These often are dictated by the nature of your powers and this should be taken into account when making the choices detailed below.
Homunculus Variant
Hound Archon Canine-headed celestial defenders of the innocent and the helpless against evil.
Hydronian, Variant Hydras endowed with the gift of humanity, acting as champions for a long forgotten god
Hydronian The hydronians are a race of small humanoid hydras that are more afraid of humans than they are of the Hydronians. But unlike Hydras they cannot regrow their heads.
Hylotl (Starbound) Fish-like creatures that lives mostly under water. Most of them have colorful tiny scales.
Hyperion Brilliant and haughty psychic constructs from the Astral Plane.
Ichal Purple blooded, physically scarred, but are they really "cursed"?
Ikuisuus Stout dwarf-like creatures of great age and wisdom
Illithid Alien, frightening beings of great mental prowess and forceful personalities.
Imp A small Mischievous flying creature.
Incubus/Succubus Succubi and incubi are the deadly combination of the ideas of lust and beauty.
Irotori Bird-like creatures that cannot fly, but have incredibly colourful feathers.
Ishilb For when you just want to be an awesome snail samurai
Jackalfolk Jackalfolk are a quick and clever race, being more suitable for dexterous or intellectual occupations.
Jupotes Jupotes are lizard magi that are warlike.
Karakuri A mechanical race, each bound to a small box containing a spirit.
Kender Small and fearless kleptomaniacs
Khajiit The Khajiit are a race of feline humanoids from Elsweyr.
Kitsune, Variant
Kitsune A race of anthropomorphic fox people who have magic in their blood and light shape-changing capabilities.
Kobold, Variant Similar to the 1stED DND. Enjoy.
Kra 'i' Maghull Small monk like humanoids who spend all there time meditating and praying.
Kreen Kreen minds, behavior, and physiology often seem bizarre to members of other races. But despite their fierce appearance, the insect like humanoids can be loyal and courageous companions. The Kreen view everything through the lens of the hunt and the predator-prey relationship. Their basic social units are the clutch and the pack. To any Kreen weather the nomadic Thri-Kreen or the settled Tohr-Kreen the clutch is everything.
Kri Kri are large and incredibly strong creatures, but lack any mental strength
Krogan As per Mass Effect games
Kryptonian Kryptonians have a series of traits in common with one another regardless of the light they find themselves under. Kryptonian powers developed under a yellow sun are detailed within the Kryptonian class.
Ktropo Native Island People.
Kumakin Savage humanoids with bear-like strength and ferocity.
Kuo-Toa Kuo-Toa live in the mysterious Underdark as tradesmen, selling items and trinkets to anyone who has the coin.
Lamia Lamia are half snake, half human hybrids that are given a heinous reputation that they don't quite deserve.
Lapine Sleek, fast, and alert, lapine traits reflect their leporine ancestry.
Lead Face Can it have an AK-47 for a head? Yes.
Leprechaun Leprechauns are a short, mischievous folk hailing from later Irish folklore.
Lionfolk A proud and honorable race that embraces a cause or oath for life
Living Artifice A patchwork of metal, flesh, stone, steam and magic.
Living Toon Whats up doc?
Livingsteel A contruct race created by intreped artificers, completely alive.
Lizardfolk, Variant 2 Lizardfolk are strong warriors, but can be stealthy if the need arises.
Lizardfolk Lizardfolk are ferocious and tough, with an edge in moving silently and swiftly.
Lombax A feline race, good with technology, and very intelligent.
Lost Men The race called lost men eat the flesh of their kills whom ever that may be.
Lost elves Not-relatives of elves, genetically modified and stranded from an expedition gone awry.
Magmin Minature Pyromaniacs.
Magnagrada A bear-sized, extremely durable, pink tank
Majmun A race of highly tribal and spiritual Ape-men that descend from Were-apes
Mammuthari An ancient lineage of huge, woolly beastmen.
Marunae Mysterious mouthless fey
Meick Empathy, at its core
Meltskin Intelligent Undead with Human emotions and characteristics.
Memeites Not Pronounced May-May
Merfolk Erectus Amphibious coastal merfolk of the shallows and the shores.
Metalborn An exceedingly elegant hominid race made completely of magnificient living metal. NOT CONSTRUCTS and NOT LIQUID.
Mewmans Mewmans are weird. I'm talking rainbows, I'm talking puppies.
Mikoto Carefree humanoids from the moon. Peaceful, artistic and sportive.
Mimic A more intelligent specimen of a well-known species of shapeshifting predators.
Minotaur, Variant Minotaur have the head of a bull, the body of a man, and are extremely hairy.
Minotaur Monstrous humanoids struggling against villainous tendencies.
Mitocabra Dwarven goat centaurs that live on high cliffs
Mobian Mobians are melee fighters and mages by nature. They tend to lean towards melee attacks and magical buffs.
Modron Beings of clockwork routine and perfect order
Mongrel A race of Dog people, Mans best friend.
Mongrelfolk Less a race than a convenient category, the highly-variable mongrelfolk consist of every being who counts multiple types of humanoids among their ancestors.
Monrel Tribal Flying Fox People
Moon Fey Often mistaken for lyncanthropes, moon fey are icy shapeshifters of the Feywild.
Mousefolk Furry, nimble, small, retiring and agreeable race.
Mudcrawler Creatures born of mud, that can occasionally animate other mud puddles.
Mutantfolk Creatures from the Underdark with incredible intellect, thought to have origins in magical experiments.
Myconid A group of fungi humanoids who inhabit the underdark
Neko Forest dwelling humanoids with cat-like features
Nephil The children of fallen angels. A race hunted and abused that is mostly composed of lonely individuals.
Nephili The children of humans and the Angel Raziel
Nerubian Arachnids evolved into ultimate hunters, savage to civilised you don't want to come up against one of these in one on one combat.
Nescerei Sky Elves, high in the places where Storm Giants play. The Cirr Family; Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus. Etc
Njutco From the remote edges of civilization, these monkey-like creatures climb and trick their way to notoriety.
Not Dwarf Not Dwarves are...NOT DWARVES! The result of magical genetic experimentation, they are a corruption of underdwellers, part Drow, part Dwarf, part Mole Rat.
Novakid Cowboy cultured sun people from starbound
Ogrillon Ogrillons (or Half Ogres as they're most commonly known) are the result of a coupling between an Ogre and a member of a different species, most commonly human. They're known for their strength and fierce temper, as well as their stupidity.
Oni Once proud protectors of the spirit world, now rowdy creatures of the night.
Ooze-Kin All ooze-kin share some common composition, giving them some similar traits.
Oozeling A race of stout and intelligent humanoids originally hailing from the Far Realm.
Orc A race of brutal warriors who know little of mercy or kindness.
Orch Tall, dark-skinned, horned giants that live in the Feywilds.
Orctaur The unholy fusion of Orcs and Centaurs
Otterfolk Otterfolk were created when a wizard gave human intelligence to a normal otter.
Panthera Race of humanoid felines, ruled by a pharaoh, from the desert to the high peaks
Pantheran A race of mountain-dwelling cat-people.
Para/Quasi Genasi Para/Quasi genasi are human-derived planetouched infused with the power of the Elemental Chaos.
Phantomborn Undead creatures made by necromancers that live in the void between life and death.
Phoelarch Humanoids believed to be descended from the legendary phoenix.
Phykke Phykkes are goblinoids, stronger than goblins, more intelligent than bugbears, and more dextrous than hobgoblins.
Pnévma Creatures of Light, magic oriented radiant spellcasters.
Polar Owl Polar owls are large owls that are quick to move and aren't physically strong, but mentally strong.
Priaced Souls that posses other living things
Protean Adaptable survivors, proteans can literally mold their flesh to suit their day-to-day needs.
Prothean The Protheans have been credited with creating the Citadel and the mass relays, feats of engineering that have never been equaled and whose core mass effect field technology forms the basis of contemporary civilization. Prothean artifacts, therefore, have immense scientific value and are seen as belonging to the entire galactic community.
Pseudolich A pseudolich is an alchemically self-created undead, dedicated to purpose.
Concept:Pygmy Fox-folk
Quaggoth Savage and territorial, Quaggoths climb the chasms of the Underdark. They maul their foes in a frenzy, becoming even more murderous in the face of death. They will make great Monks and Druids with their sheer power and wisdom bonus, alongside Battle Clerics, Rangers or even Fighters.
Qualf The four-armed Qualf are known to be very astute tinkers and smiths because of their great attention to detail
Rabbitfolk Pleasant and laid back, there are few people that hate rabbitfolk.
Rag Doll Construct dolls are constructs with immense variation.
Rakshia Insect humanoids that take a liking to extreme environments
Ran Do not take them for fragile as, while few races are as amicable and good-natured, the amphibious Ran will never allow their principles to go undefended.
Ratfolk Quick and silent, ratfolk exist as outsiders no matter where they are, but they let nothing get in their way.
Rhino-Folk You are a tough humanoid with one big horn and a smaller horn behind
River-Devil Monstrous silver tongued con-men and swindlers.
Roba Elemental scribes that attempt to understand the universe
Roc Roc "Ca Ca! Ca Ca Ca Ca! *Ahem* Caw. Caw. CAW."
Roo Nomadic Humanoid Kangaroos.
Runeterra: Demacian Demacians often have great skill working in leading and following as one unit.
Runeterra: Frelijordian Strong is useful to describe them, but not quite enough.
Runeterra: Noxian Noxians have great skill in lying and brutalizing!
Runeterra: Rakkor Weapon masters and mighty warriors make up the tribe of the Rakkor.
Runeterra: Yordle Jovial, fierce critters who can surprise the most unsurprised.
Rynogg a solitary and unique race, with exrtemely brightly coloured skin.
S'Tek S'Tek are a race of chameleon-like humanoids who inhabit jungles and other wooded regions.
Sahuagin Sahuagin are the supposed rulers of the sea
Sasquatch Reclusive monsters of the wilderness finally growing to prominence.
Satyr The goatfolk of the woods.
Sciurian Squirrel Humanoid
Scorpikis Barbaric, half-scorpion raiders and scavengers that prowl the less-traveled parts of the desert, aggressively defending their colonies from unwelcome intruders.
Scro Orcs in space!
Seafolk Seafolk have tough scales and are very nimble and strong.
Selachinoid Deadly, aquatic hunters and pirates.
Selkie Seal Shapeshifters
Seraph "War is all we've been taught, but there are other ways to live." -Akiva
Shade blood A Shade blood is the diametric opposite of a Light born. Whilst a Light born is gifted with the power of a dawn shard, granting them innate magical powers, a Shade blood rely on pure physical skill, and sometimes have the ability to counteract magical power.
Shadow Charmer A shadow charmer enjoys brotherhood with the creatures of the night. His emotions cannot be manipulated. Nothing escapes his gaze. He hears and comprehends the secret languages of darkness.
Shardkin Mysterious ancient beings of crystal and magic.
Shardmind Shardminds are sentient fragments of the Living Gate, which once stood at the pinnacle of the intricate lattice of the Astral Sea.
Sidhe Sidhe are the very essence of the seasons in the form of fae.
Silmarin Slimy humanoids that live in swamps.
Siren A merfolk race mainly of females that are masters of seduction.
Skeksis Skeksis are a mix of reptilian and avian. Never endingly decomposing. (Based on the Skeksis from the movie "The Dark Crystal".)
Skeleton The reanimated completely decomposed corpse of a humanoid.
Slann Unmatched masters of magic and leaders of the Lizardmen races.
Slime Girl Slimes that are able to speak and understand human languages. However, they talk like little children.
Slime People Slimes that are able to speak and understand human languages. They tend to speak like children, no matter how intelligent they are.
Slimelings Bipedal Oozes who enjoy absorbing their victims
Sliver Slivers are highly adaptable creatures and care most the survival of the Hive.
Slyvarian Slyvarians are know as the deep dwellers or the forgotten ones, creatures who live inbetween the darkest ocean depths and the underdark.
Solaire Boof! Solaire are a race of mischievous fighters and thieves who resemble Boston Terriers. Their third subrace, the French Bulldog, is more snooty and gifted in the arcane.
Sorath Creatures from the upper planes that have radiant blessings.
Soul Stitched Corpses, sewn together by stitches, powered by electricity and given intelligence by a snatched soul.
Space Pirate The main enemies of the Metroid series.
Spectral Spirits who have, through vaguely defined means, created physical bodies for themselves.
Spiderfolk Attractive deceptive humanoids with the blood of the mighty Driders.
Spirit of intellect what happens when an author thinks to much.
Spynkazaka Descendants of pseudo-dragons with a knack for empathy.
Stonepeople Stonepeople have a huge, strong body capable of easily lifting boulders and other heavy objects.
Stormborn Touched by the power of a raging storm, Stormborn have powers beyond that of mere humans.
Succubus/Incubus Beautiful fiends which thrive on the corruption of mortal souls.
Suva Beautiful celestials that comfort their allies and crush their foes
Sā are humans warped by generations of exposure to negative and chaotic energy. They are physically intimidating and brimming with rage.
Tanarukk Your tanarukk character has a variety of traits, derived from your mixed orc and demon ancestry.
Tempest Living storms in humanoid shape, created by magic.
Tevi Amorous, hyper-multilingual plant people.
The Devoid Soulless humanoids searching for their humanity.
The Forever Child Often kind, caring and sympathetic to those around them.
Therianthrope Therianthropes are cursed Humanoids that shapehchange into dangerous animal forms such as wolves, bears, boars, crocodiles, and tigers.
Thorston While technically human, those who know a Thorston well would beg to differ.
Thri-Kreen, Variant Bug like creature that resembles ant or mantis. Thri-Kreen consider all other living creatures as potential nourishment, and they love the taste of elf flesh in particular.
Thri-Kreen Swift and cunning hunters, the mantis-like thri-kreen wander the deserts and savannas of the world.
Tiefling (variant) A bit of variation to the basic
Tigerfolk At home in the wild, tiger folk care little for the trappings of civilization, preferring simple, rustic lives.
Time Lord A Being with a non-linear, non-subjective point of view.
Titas A race that can transform between a humanoid female form, and a large set of breasts.
Tortle Peaceful turtle like humanoids who live in harmony with nature.
Treefolk Living trees with long lifespans and great knowledge
Trichadons As a peaceful race, trichans rarely tend towards fighting roles, but they can take more intelligent fighting classes such as sorcerers.
Trollkin The decedents of trolls and humans, with human ingenuity and a troll's bottomless belly.
Trox As hulking brutes, Trox have unbelievable strength, at the cost of their mind
Tsukumogami A spirit formed by an inanimate object after 100 years of neglect.
Tusquarian Tribal people gifted with various animal features that inhabit one country.
Undine a Race of Land dwelling Fish people, as per Undertale.
Unicorn Beauty and power never took such an equine form.
Ursian Ursians are beings in tune with nature but also advanced technologically. They resemble bears in many ways.
Vampire Immortals who feast upon blood and lurk in the night.
Varana Half-man and half-monkey, the vanara are very agile and intelligent creatures.
Vidreans Life forms that generate themselves inside of large crystals. They're known for their innate magical abilities and many go on to be very powerful with magic.
Viera Viera are more bold than the animal they resemble and will not think twice about anybody that dare lay a harmful hand on the forests they live in or what they've sworn to protect.
Voidling A secretive race literally born of the void.
Vulpin A human-like race with fox-like ears, tails, and eyes. For reference, imagine something like the Faunus from RWBY.
War Born Rivers of blood. Piles of gore. Endless slaughter of enemies. All in a day's work for the War Born.
Warforged, 2nd Variant Built for a war that has ended, searching for purpose.
Warforged, Variant
Warforged Built for the job.
Wargen Primal shapeshifters
Water Monkey (Artemian) Artemian area roman analogue aquatic race resembling sea monkeys.
Wayang Wily and sly, wayangs are small humanoids of the wayang subtype who spend much of their time avoiding others, especially the predators that live in the wilderness near their hidden settlements.
Wolf-Demon Quick, slender beings, with with wolfish tail and ears.
Wolfborn Descendants of lycanthropes who are feared and misunderstood. Few still yet live, but those that do are still hunted down like the monsters they are not.
Wolffolk Strengthened by the bonds of family
Wyvern A rarer version of the generic Wyvern, more intelligent, stronger, and more ambitious.
Xortan Musty desert people who love parties as much as fighting.
Yalu Humanoids capable of Farming Plants in the Underdark and reliant upon magical energies to survive that can produce light from under their veils.
Yetifolk Yeti like humanoids that live in the cold reaches of the mountains.
Zaa' Hraa Offsprings of the Ultra-Mind with psychic power that is unmatched.
Zardak A race with a powerful blood frenzy.
Zen'Trath A Race of monstrous slime-like creatures born magical experimentation.

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