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Races with a more comedic twist.
5e April Fools Races without a improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Summary
A Bear Literally just a bear.
A Bee
A Goldfish
A Literal Pig Literally a pig.
A Variety of Minecraftian Monsters Personified The Minecraft Mobs but oh no they're hot.
Admin The admins of the site.
American The champions of Truth, Justice, Independence, Liberty, and Obesity
Animated Toy Children's playthings, brought to life by magical means.
Anime Girl One minute a power-house of unfathomable strength, magic, wit, or sheer will, the next a sudden failure at basic speech, the anime girl covers a wide group of archetypes, from Best Girl to Waifu, from Yandere to Tsundere, Isekai heroine to school girl.
Anon Anons are magical, grey human shaped blobs that do as they please.
Ant Ants were developed after evolving from wasp-like insects but most types of ant developed without wings.
April Fools Article The most impervious kind of article to exist.
Awakened Shrub Naturally with a Challenge Rating of 0.
Awoken Bread Loaf
Bananafolk Dancing bananas
Bear Simply a bear
Beefforged Large living constructs made of beef.
Beeforged Large living constructs filled with bees.
Being of Inordinate Size A vast humanoid that knows no limit to its size.
BFG Roald Rahl's Big Friendly Giant.
Blizzard Man Nightmarish horrors that resemble tasty frozen treats. Do not let their delicious appearance fool you however!
Blue Eye Skeleton
Boy Kisser
Breadin Animated bread and cookies
Build A Race Now you can put your search to rest because now you don’t have to pick between 2 races.
Bullet Kin bullet people
Can of WD-40
Candy Person A race of those made out of candy- humanoid and candy shaped alike!
Cartoon Born on the Ethereal Plane, the Toonkind are a strange and powerful race known for their love of play and creativity. They may come in all different shapes and sizes, and while a large population possess animal-like features, Toonkind appearances can range from nearly human to living kitchen appliances. Their nigh-boundless energy inspires them to find entertainment in most any situation; if they cannot find excitement readily they may be compelled to make some of their own, earning them a reputation as troublemakers. Thankfully, their natural charm and great agility help them wheedle their way out of whatever trouble they might make.
Chicken Bawk bawk BA-KAW!
Chicken God
Chimpanzee Chimpanzees are similar to angry kindergarteners with enough strength to rip off arms
Chocolate Smile
Cigarette Man
Cow Cows are large creatures which can move very quickly and are somewhat unintelligent.
Creeper As a creeper, you have the following traits:
Dandwiki A race of perfectly normal, well-balanced, not-at-all overtuned humanoids.
DuelSoulBlade Shadow Vampelf You're summary is blank because it's not important.
Dungeonmin A race of dungeonspawn
Duwang What a beautiful Duwang!
Eggledites A failed experiment creating sentient, talkative eggs.
Electrode with Glock 17 Its an Electrode, with a Gun. what were you expecting?
Emperor Hamster Giant hamsters that rule over tiny hamsters
Fidget Spinner A Dank Spinning race that will be helpful in a fight...
Font Skeleton Mysterious monsters that speak using their own unique typefaces.
Gargantuar Massive undead monstrosities created by Dr. Edgar George Zomboss
Gazorpazorpfield A lazy, profane cat created as a parody of Garfield.
Giga Chad A race of incredible physical feats that has returned from its lethargy in the Astral Plane to Substitute humans
Globglogabgalab Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabglab. Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleglabschwab.
Goble "Have you ever seen something so odd you suddenly have a knife in your back?"
God Since gods are gods they get lots of overpowered abilities
Goose Small chaotic birds with fury against all humanoids.
Gryllus A featherless biped, once native to the corners of manuscripts.
Honedge-Possessed People unfortunately possessed by a ghost sword pokemon
Human, Gaston Variant As a Gaston you are the pinnacle of human athleticism, charm and mental fortitude. You are as mighty as you are kind.
Human, Stand Variant Only the strangest people can wield such an esoteric power.
Inu The borkiest race you'll find. Shiba Inu folk of Eastern origin for those who just want to be cute and bada** all at once.
Isekai Loli By being reincarnated, you gained several blessings that made you very strong.
Jobs Literally Steve Jobs
Jungle Knuckles An April Fools race based off of primitive tribal structures.
Kong A race of sentient apes renowned for an obsession with bananas.
Koopa A group of happy-go-lucky turtle-like beings, their shells change in color with each representing years of experience and ranking among one another. They're known for being nigh impenetrable thanks to their shells and one could consider them well-rounded in most regards.
Kra'Akas Coconuts! With arms and legs!
Lead Face Can it have an AK-47 for a head? Yes.
Little Pony My Little Pony!
Living Cartoon Charming, cute constructs built out of ink, paper, and magic.
Living Toon What's up doc?
Madman Madmen live for combat, die for combat, and then revive to do it all over again.
Magical Plant A small plant that has been granted sentient life through some experimentation
Maindoeirian A race of odd humanoids that have salamander origins.
Mantaur Man and man make mantaur.
Mariokin Most Mario-kin are known for their incredible athletic abilities, especially jumping.
McChicken Just a great tasting chicken sandwich.
Memeites Not Pronounced May-May
Minecraftian Just a Minecraft player's abilities.
Mouse Literally just mice.
Muscledeer A race of deer who ate bulk powder, took steroids, and use gym equipment.
Nami A race of candy living constructs
Normal Horse A regular horse – four human legs, four human arms, unblinking eyes…
Not Dwarf Not Dwarves are...NOT DWARVES! The result of magical genetic experimentation, they are a corruption of underdwellers, part Drow, part Dwarf, part Mole Rat.
Original Character Original character, do not steal!
Paintling You're living paint.
Pamspawn As spawn of the Final Pam, your character has several abhorrent traits.
Pancake Golem A golem made out of delicious pancakes.
Piranha Plant A deadly plant, armed with a large head filled with razor sharp fangs and leaves as sharp as daggers.
Platypus, Sapient You're a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action.
Reaper You have several innate traits gifted to all reapers by either the gods or their physiology.
Road Runner Beep! Beep!
Rock Literally rock hard.
Santa's Helper Those little elves that made toys for Christmas are real. Or was that just your imagination?
Shaggy Rogers Nothing personal kid...
Shambling Mound Very large creatures constructed of swamp plants, wood, and fungi, Shamblers can make very excellent guardians for an adventuring party.
Slender The stuff of nightmares.
Stick, Variant Sticks tend toward interpersonal physical action, communicating through poses and quick, dramatic fights.
The Bananians Banana people born by the power of potassium
The Biggest Terry
Toad You are an illustrious toad of Toad Hall.
Toad, Bup Variant
Trolling A troll variant that improves as you increase in level.
Tuna and Sweetcorn Tuna and sweetcorn, on the verge of being perhaps a deific race, are beings of small-human-sized, sandwich-like visage
Two Kobolds in a Suit
Were-Terrasque The destructive potential of the tarrasque is so vast that some cultures incorporate the monster into religious doctrine, weaving its sporadic appearance into stories of divine judgment and wrath. Legends tell how the tarrasque slumbers in its secret lair beneath the earth, remaining in a dormant state for decades or centuries. When it awakens in answer to some inscrutable cosmic call, it rises from the depths to obliterate everything in its path.
Werechicken Small shapeshifting humanoids

Incomplete Races

Races with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

Races which are works in progress:

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