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The Big Friendly Giant[edit]

Design Note: I'm sure everyone has read the Roald Dahl book "The BFG", or maybe even seen the movie. This race seeks to emulate the movie character, with a focus on his intelligence and dexterity. This is just the BFG and not the other giants in the book an movie. What is the BFG? (Wikipedia link) [1]

Illustration by Quentin Blake, Character by Roald Dahl, Sourced from Wikipedia

Other Giants[edit]

The giants lived in a faraway land that normal folk could not reach without a guide. They stayed there, waiting for a chance to unleash their forces upon the world, but not all of them believed in this purpose. The BFG, along with others, opted for a more peaceful life and only engaged in violence if absolutely necessary. The focused their time on the pursuit of knowledge, avoiding fights with their speed, stealth and dexterity. They often visited the realms of other races, however took great care to never be seen.


Roald Rahl's Big Friendly Giant.
Ability Score Increase. The BFG is known for their speed, stealth and intelligence. Your Dexterity and Intelligence scores increases by 2.
Age. Giants live up to 500 years old.
Alignment. While most giants tend towards evil, the BFG is kind-hearted and is always good.
Size. The BFG in the book is 24 feet tall, however, the other giants are much bigger than he is. Your size is Large
Speed. Your base walking speed is 60 feet.

Superior Hearing You have an incredible sense of hearing, capable of hearing the quietest sounds from up to 100 feet away. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks relating to hearing.

Surprisingly Stealthy You practice sneaking around visiting other kingdoms and avoiding other giants has made you very sneaky. You have proficiency and in the Stealth skill. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for Stealth checks. You can hide in plain sight, disguising yourself as other things. Even if there is no cover large enough to hide you, you can still remain unseen. You count as one size smaller when hiding or sneaking.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Giant and one other language of your choice.

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