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One who doesn't throw the dice can never expect to score a six.-Navjot Singh Sidhu

Dice-kin,also known as lucky bastards,are a race resembling a d20 dice with a face on the front,and 2 arms and legs nearing the bottom.They are known for their incredible luck and credible unluck.

The race is entirely rolling dice to do things,so having a lucky hand is recommended.

Physical Description[edit]

A 3 foot tall,20 sided,hard plastic,randomly generated being.Their bodies are smooth, with no hair, and no outer nose, ears or sexual organs.They can somehow still make children.

There is no difference mentally or physically between genders.

Age only affects when approaching last 10 months of life.


A Dwarf planet sized Meteor with 20 sides was rocketing towards the planet.A certain god destroyed the meteor with their magic,splitting it into 20 million living creatures.

The creatures gathered to The tallest thing in sight,Usually mountains,but some did see castles or wizard towers and became knights and Wizard apprentices respectively. The first drawing of a dice-kin was when a new age of knights was being introduced to the public.A local artist wanted to "capture the moment".The artist was later discovered a fraud and made posters for hit lists.

When Making buildings,they had a 50/50 chance of Staying around for centuries and burning within 20 minutes,almost as if they were flipping a coin.

When the name of the smooth creatures came into question,One recommended "thingamabob" since it sounds as random as their abilities.I quote from the day "That's really stupid".After a alright amount of time at the bar,Ice was chosen since they were as smooth and glossy.It was slurred as dice-kin.


Most Dice-kin pray to the D1,a dice that always has luck in it's favor,is a perfect sphere that has no flaws,and represents the circle of life.Some don't pray to it,but respects others who do. Some spheres and orbs get confused as their god.


Most of them live on a Mountain area in a mildly advanced civilization.They live on mountains because they like to roll down them +the reason stated above.

Some live with other civilizations,they usually take some traits from the people/city.Ex:The wizard dice are more intelligent by a +1 Intelligence.Human city dice have +2 Charisma.They also swear easier.

Take something known about your Dice-kin's starting area and add it.Smart city = +1 Intelligence ,Sketchy/Thieving area = +1 Dexterity ,etc,etc.

Dice-kin Names[edit]

Roll a d20 having each number correlate to it's letter(A=1,B=2,etc);Except for 17,it is equal to U.Add vowels where you see fit.Finish when satisfied.

Dice-kin Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Every single one of your stats(unless stated otherwise) are dependent on dice rolls.(Ex:Dungeon master:roll your Intelligence.Player :I rolled a one.DM :You are an idiot.)
Age. Roll a d20 and put a 10 multiplier on the number you roll. Dice-kin mature at the age of 3. Age only affects Dice-kin once at 10 month left of life.
Alignment. Roll a d20. 1 is Lawful Good,10 is true neutral,20 is chaotic evil.No matter the alignment,rolling always calms them down.
Size. The one thing that is common on all Dice-kin is that they are all 3 feet tall.You are small.
Speed. Roll your speed on a d6 (exclude 5 and 6) and multiply the number you get by 10.
Normal vision. Average sight
Durable. Can fall 50 straight feet without taking damage.Tumbling does not do damage.For every 10 feet above 50,roll a d6 and multiply the number you get by 10.Slightly resistant to bludgeoning damage.If enough bludgeoning damage is taken (1/5 of your Health or above)Receive dent,Which shortens your health until fixed.Fix it by eating/filling up or get hit in the right spot (roll a d20 for every hit taken until you hit 17-20),dent will be fixed and you can heal fully.
Unconfused. After years of rolling down mountains,almost all types of confusion can't affect all Dice-kin.
Life saver. Roll for your life!If you encounter a life threatening situation you can roll for an unexplainable safety. (Ex:DM: The dragon burns you to a crisp immediately leavi-Player:I use Life saver!DM: If you don't roll a 20 I will kick you from the party.Player:20! Suck it!.)
Fleshless. With out flesh you are immune to poisons and diseases.
Melting Point. Vulnerable to Fire damage. After a threshold of fire damage has been taken (DM's discretion)you began to melt and the damage is permanent.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common.If encountering a new language,flip a coin to see if you speak it.

Confusing Matter[edit]

You can have the same Intelligence as a rock and have Charisma of a god.You can be 10 pounds and have the Strength of an orc.Your body doesn't make sense.You can be severely overpowered or under powered.That's the nature of dice-kin.

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