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Normal Horse[edit]

A Normal Horse is just that – a normal horse. It can do all the things any other horse can do, like use a sword, talk in Common, and climb up walls.

Normal horse2.jpg
A Normal Horse taking a walk on the beach. Source

Physical Description[edit]

There isn’t much to say about the Normal Horse’s appearance. It really is just a horse. Like all other horses, it has two unblinking eyes, four feet, and four arms. Its fur extends to slightly below the knee.

Normal Horses actually have very little use for their mouth – as with most equines, it is vestigial. When it eats (usually a hearty meal of meats and wine, though vegetarian or even vegan Normal Horses do exist), it pulls its food into its undercarriage rather than through its mouth.


Normal Horses have existed as long as basically any other animal. However, as the textile industry has become more and more advanced, it seems that Normal Horses as a breed have increased in number. However, one must also note that correlation does not equal causation – the fact that we see so many Normal Horses as disguises become more advanced is probably nothing but dumb luck.


Normal Horses are usually first seen exiting costume shops or Thieve’s Guilds – we can only assume that there are other horses in there that give birth to them and raise them.

After their birth, they live among humans, as horses are wont to do. They drink and sleep in inns, shop at markets, and relax by fishing or reading a book. Some Normal Horses opt to dedicate their life to a god or goddess, and serve them in their temples. Others may find a life of adventuring is better suited for them.

Some Normal Horses have a habit of smoking, much to its own chagrin. Like with eating, they intake pipes or cigarettes through their undercarriage, smoke the product internally, and dispose of it once they’re done. While it smokes, it can often be heard muttering to itself phrases along the lines of, “Ye gods, man, do you have to do that in here? Can’t you wait until we get out?”.

Normal Horse Names[edit]

There is a longstanding tradition of horses (and especially racehorses) having peculiar names, and Normal Horses are no exception. Its name is composed of two human names, with an “and” in the middle. Normal Horses can have names that are traditionally male or female, or “mixed” names which fall outside the category.

Male: Doug and Geoff, Thomas and James, Luke and Steve

Mixed: Chris and Zenith, Alyssa and Mark, Robin and Java

Female: Alice and Selena, Debra and Kate, Susan and Beth

Normal Horse Traits[edit]

A regular horse – four human legs, four human arms, unblinking eyes…
Ability Score Increase. Each of your ability scores increase by 1.
Age. Normal Horses are born when they’re around 20 years old, and live to be about 80.
Alignment. Normal Horses are animals, and have no sense of right or wrong, nor order or chaos. Having said that, most Normal Horses are Chaotic.
Size. Normal Horses stand between five and six feet tall. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Literally Just a Horse. You are literally just a horse. If anybody, for whatever reason, should doubt that, then they have disadvantage on any Perception or Investigation checks against you.
Healthy as a Horse. Horses are famously healthy creatures. You, in fact, are so healthy that you have twice as many hit points than humans do. For example, say you are a barbarian. At the first level, you would have 24 + double your Constitution modifier hit points. For each additional level after the 1st, you would gain 2d12 + double your Constitution modifier hit points. However, be wary – if you lose half or more of your hit points, either your front or back half will fall unconscious and must begin to make death saving throws. Upon a death, the other half of you must continue on your somber journey with only half of your original maximum hit points.
Quadruped. Having multiple appendages, you can take two actions per turn.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and two extra languages of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 8″ +2d10 220 lb. × (4d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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