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A Literal Pig[edit]

Literal pigs are literally pigs. In this case, however, they have been gifted intelligence by some outside source.

Physical Description[edit]

Literally a pig.


Literally a pig.


Literal Pigs are usually farmed for meat by humans before being awakened. After being awakened, they usually escape and go adventuring. (Although sometimes they just adventure for scraps)

Literal Pig Names[edit]

Literal Pigs usually have names given to them when they were cared for by humans, but wild pigs and pigs that wish to reject their past lives typically use names that are demonic in nature.

A Literal Pig Traits[edit]

Literally a pig.
Ability Score Increase. Your Int score increases by 2 and your Con score increases by 1.
Age. Literal Pigs reach sexual maturity at approximately 6 months. Because of the various ways to awaken pigs, specifically, there is no consistent age they die at.
Alignment. Literal Pigs tend to be neutral when first awakened, but later on in life they can move to any corner of alignment.
Size. Though there are many different species of pig, most are around 3 ft tall and none are over 5. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Literally a Pig. You are always under the effects of the spell "Speak with Animals". You are indistinguishable from a normal pig, though any items you may be wearing or wielding may clue on others to your nonpigness. You do not have hands or arms, and such, cannot carry things very effectively. Anything that affects hands or arms does not affect you, as you have none. You have four legs and feet. Anything that affects legs or feet affects all of yours. You are quadrupedal, and have your speed reduced by 25 ft when on 1 or 2 legs, reduced by 15 ft when on 3 legs, and, obviously, reduced to zero feet when on no legs. You are immune to being knocked prone, as you are always on all fours. You ignore the somatic components of spells, as you have no way to perform them. Spells that cause something to appear in your hand either cause it to appear on the ground in front of you or have no effect. Spells that cause something to come out of your hand(s) (like burning hands) instead cause that thing to come out of the air in front of you. You have proficiency in Survival, and can spend 1 hour to search for enough food to feed yourself for one day when in a forest, plains, or swamp. Food scrounged in this way cannot be saved. When you make an unarmed attack, you may make a bite. This bite only requires your mouth be unrestrained and empty, and does 1d4+Str piercing damage if it hits. If you do not make this bite, your attack roll has disadvantage.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write one language of your choice or chosen randomly.

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