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I’m a running biscuit and you won’t eat me because you can’t catch me!
Anonymous. Attributed to Gingerbread, the first breadin

Living in places where rain can't catch them, where the sun can toast them, where birds can't peck them and where people can't bite them, the breadins are a race that wants to be amicable and playful.

Physical Description[edit]

Short in height with humanoid form, breadins are impossible to not notice: Their bodies are flat and wide, so they tend to get sidelines through doors, they always smell like freshly baked bread and any character they have in their faces and body is made out of frosting, dried fruits or any sort out of candy. They actually may change their appearance using only frosting, which is completely painless, but if they are not careful enough they may have problems if the character they made was not well done. Their eyes might not be in their place, their mouth may be deformed and even their hands might not work.

They only dress when going to wet places or towns: in the deserts where you might find them they are not dressed or, in the most prudish ones, they use frosting and candy to create their "clothes".

Their biology is pretty weird: They need to barely eat, but they don't have to drink unless they want to. Drinks have to be extremely limited, as it can and will affect their body. Even a big breadin can't have more than a couple of gulps of water before suffering heavily. Curiously, when drinking poisons or potions it is not the poison or the potion, but the water that affects them. Caffeine and alcohol can affect them, more because it is liquid than other reason.

Drawing of a breadin made by an elfic child. [[1]]


According to them, the first breadin was baked by an old lady, whose name and race has been forgotten, in a farm many eras ago. After he was eaten by a fox, the lady created 2 more: bigger and wider than the one that was eaten. They found that the ambient of a farm is not precisely the best when you are made out of bread, so after the lady died the breadins started to reproduce and spread, finding deserts as the most comfortable places of them all.

As they are not adept to fight nor to get wet, they live in places as remote and as dry as possible. Because no empire wants a piece of desert with no water, finding a breadin colony has always been considered as a signal of total lack of water, so they rarely get attacked. Through history, few populations have been more respected than the breadins. Not because of their richness or their military power, but because, as they live in places that are basically inaccessible by normal means, they provide travelers and scholars with a resting place and even drinks with little to no cost. They dont mind people going through their land and will always be happy to help, but getting into their bad side may give consequences: They might not be the most powerful warriors, but they are impressive wizards and warlocks and have an impressive amount of allies... and those allies will definitely help their friends.


Breadins live in colonies that live in sand castles, rocks, modified abandoned fortifications or, in the oldest ones, are even made out of bread. These colonies have a population of at most 50, as resources to make housing are not abundant and the food is something they don't have plenty. Their government is a gerontocracy, where the oldest one of them all governs and take desitions, but being as peaceful as they are they rarely need to take one immediate action.

Most of their colonies are purely made out of breadins, the reason mainly being that not many creatures tolerate living in deserts, food is always scarce and, most importantly, water is not easy to come by. Scorpion-kin and warforged have been known to be prominent members of these societies.

They have a godless religion, where they believe that, after death, good breadins will go to a desert were there are no rains, no birds, and candy is abundant, meanwhile bad breadins will be tossed to rainforests full of animals wanting to eat them, where they will be painfully restored each day so the animals and rain can destroy them once again, for all eternity.

In general, "families" are made out of breadins wanting to live together than anything. They don't marry and they reproduce by actually baking a son or daughter (or many) by techniques that are completely secret to anyone not being a breadin. The newbaked is then taken cared for by its family.

Trade with them is interesting: They ironically offer many kinds of liquors, some of them incredibly fine and tasty, dried products and papyrus. They receive for these products fruits to dry or transform into liquor, books, all the grain as you can transport and anything sweet. Weaponry, luxuries and clothes are usually not interesting to them.

Breadin Names[edit]

Breadins get names after being baked. They tend to use names of many candies, sweets, flavors or kinds of grain. They may combine as they wish. There are not prefered name by sex or gender, nor are there rules of identification.

Breadin names: Chocowheat, Cinnamonbun, Gummyoat, Lollyrye, Raisincookie, Ricecake, Sourbread,

Breadin Traits[edit]

Animated bread and cookies
Ability Score Increase. Choose one of these 3 to increase. Constitution score increases by 3. Your Charisma increases by 3 or your Wisdom score increases by 2. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.
Age. Although they are pretty independent at 1 year old, they are not considered adults until they are 5. They rarely live longer than 30 years.
Alignment. They tend to be good. Evil breadins are extraordinarily rare. They tend to be neutral, but both lawful and chaotic are entirely possible.
Size. They vary widely in height and build, from barely 2 feet to almost 3 feet tall, with weight varying from 10 to 20 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Diplomatic Beings. You have proficiency on Persuasion skill.
Toasted Skin. As you live in deserts, your skin has toasted and hardened naturally. Your AC while unarmored is 10 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus
Little Requirements. You don't need to drink, but you can if you want to. You have half the food requirements for a small sized creature.
Variable Look. You have proficiency with cook's utensils. By spending 1 hour, eggs and sugar, you can create frosting and draw a completely new face and clothing for yourself with it. You require 6 hours to adapt to your new face, and during this time you have disadvantage in checks depending on talking, seeing and hearing
Wet Bread. If you are in a wet ambiance, get doused with at least 1 pint of any liquid or drink more than a pint of liquid you have disadvantage in saving throws, attack rolls or skill checks depending on Strength, Dexterity or Constitution until you stay in a hot, dry place for at least 1 hour. If you are under rain with no waterproof cover, you gain 1 exhaustion level every 15 minutes if it is light rain, every 10 minutes if it is normal and every 5 minutes if it is heavy rain. If you get submerged or thrown in bodies of liquid, you must immediately make a Constitution saving throw with DC = 10 + turns in the water (Minimum 1). You must roll a new Constitution saving throw at the beginning of each of the turns you spend in the water. In a failed save, you fall unconscious and your life points immediately drop to 0. You don't roll death saves unless you start your turn out of the water. After 5 turns unconscious and in the water, you die. If you get out of the water without a failed save, you gain 3 levels of exhaustion. You can only recover exhaustion levels if you stay in a hot, dry place for 2 hours per exhaustion level and you get a long rest.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

2′ 5'' +2d12 20 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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