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Being of Inordinate Size[edit]

Harold peers into the distance, attempting to understand what he was witnessing. Seeming to move impossibly slowly, something truly gargantuan was moving between the trees in the hills, it's forms glimpsed through the many trunks between Harold and the creature. As it began climbing the rough terrain, Harold could see it's form emerge from the hillside, and could scarcely believe his eyes. Taller than the tallest trees, bigger even than his own home, a man moved in slow motion over the hills. Dressed in simple brown clothes, the figure stopped for a moment and surveyed the surrounding area, its gaze pausing on Harold's hilltop before continuing its panorama. Silently, the massive man resumed his trek through the countryside, somehow managing to avoid leaving a wake of destruction in his path.

Choosing to go without a name for their kind, beings of inordinate size traverse the world in long, slow strides, seeking wonders to behold and civilizations to meet. Calling no place home, they lead solitary lives as nomads, and may never meet another of their kind in the Material Plane. Genial by nature, they see no benefit in the senseless destruction of smaller creatures, especially as even the smallest wounds can prove fatal to them.

Cumbersome Yet Graceful[edit]

Endowed with extraordinary size as they are, they otherwise look no different from ordinary humans. Enlarged to a size beyond belief, they dress in massive quilts of pelts, fabrics, or whatever else they can use as clothing. In contrast to their size, their slow movements allow them safe passage through even the densest of thickets, as though their bodies are slow their minds are as quick and sharp as any other humanoid's, giving them plenty of time to make corrections to their motions in they would cause unwanted harm.

Giant by Nature[edit]

Similar in origin to a goliath, beings of inordinate size originate from giants, specifically the union between a giant and another humanoid. In the rare case that this produces a child, even such unions are not guaranteed to produce a being of inordinate size. Rather, a very rare mutation in the formation of the embryo must occur, causing the child to visibly grow each day after birth until the day they die. This mutation can occur naturally in any race or even species, but thanks to the combination of giant and humanoid the child suffers no ill effects of the growth. It is unknown why, but many suspect that curses, enchantments, or other magics are involved in the safe-keeping of the being of inordinate size's wellbeing.

This absurd size comes at a cost that no enchantment seems to remedy: a being of inordinate size bleeds at at fatal rate. Even the simplest of wounds on its foot can lead to a very quick death, so these people are very cautious of entering conflicts. Their thick skin helps prevent natural hazards such as thorny plants and spiky rocks from cutting deep enough to bleed, but a lucky strike from a particularly hungry wolf against an unsuspecting being of inordinate size can end their life. Similarly, though a single cut from a dagger isn't likely to kill a being of inordinate size, multiple cuts in the same place or a well-placed strike from a shortsword is enough to doom an inexperienced being of inordinate size.

Lonesome Nomads[edit]

Due to their obvious size, beings of inordinate size have extreme difficulty fitting in with other societies, or civilization as a whole. They require extraordinary amounts of food and water to survive, no community has a building large enough to house them, and some civilizations are even superstitious enough to be phobic of them. Even in the places they were born, beings of inordinate size often find hostility if they stick around. With people willing and able to provide for a being of inordinate size few and far between, the small number of them in existence are forced to wander the world in search of meaning for their existence. Some manage to find their way into other planes of existence and eek out lives there, where larger creatures like themselves live. Those that remain on the material plane only interact with towns and cities when necessary, and typically avoid villages and smaller communities entirely. Due to their massive size, however, travelling is very easy and safe, with very few creatures are willing to tussle with such a hulking behemoth of a person. Thanks to this inherent safety, some make it a habit of traveling simply to meet new civilizations.

Being of Inordinate Size Names[edit]

Having no culture of their own, a being of inordinate size will either keep whatever name was given to it by its parents or it will adopt a new name when it begins its journey across the world. These adopted names can be ideals they aspire to or self-descriptions they wish to change like tieflings, names that mean things important to them, or even just words or phrases that sound cool to the individual. The only distinctions between male and female names are those found in the languages and cultures they originate from.

Male: Arthur, Goldfellow, Life, Rogdrok, The Strider

Female: Brent, Grishka, Joy, She Who Wanders, Opal

Being of Inordinate Size Traits[edit]

A vast humanoid that knows no limit to its size.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength, Wisdom, and Charisma scores each increases by 1.
Age. A being of inordinate size matures at the same rate as the average giant, reaching adulthood around the age of 30. They don't live quite as long, however, often living not much long past their 2nd century.
Alignment. Since the general alignments of their parents can range anywhere from chaotic to lawful and from good to evil, a being of inordinate size often finds itself in the grey areas of morality and belief, making them more often than not neutral.
Size. A being of inordinate size never stops growing, but the rate at which they do so slows down when they reach adulthood. At this age, they are anywhere between 40 and 50 feet tall and are extremely lightweight for their size, only weighing around 30-40 tons. Elderly members of this race can reach sizes of even 100 feet tall and over 300 tons. Your size is Gargantuan.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet.
Ceaseless Growth. As you age, you continue to grow. For every 15 years you live past adulthood, your speed increases by 5 feet, and for every 30 years you live past adulthood, the space you fill increases by 5 feet on a side. (i.e. At 60 years of age, you fill a 25-foot by 25-foot space, at 90 years a 30-foot by 30-foot space, etc.)
Efficient Metabolism. Despite your size, you don't need to eat quite as much as other creatures in your weight class. You only need to eat 100 times as much as a Medium humanoid.
Endless Steps. You are immune to all terrain- and plant-based spells and effects that would forcefully move you, damage you, or impede your movement.
Titanic Grip. If you successfully grapple a creature at least two sizes smaller than yourself, that creature cannot escape your grapple. You can use this feature on creatures one size smaller than yourself if you use both hands to hold the creature.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Giant, and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

35′ 0'' +2d8x12 50,000 lb. × (200) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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