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Massive Zombies that love to smash

Physical Description[edit]

Gargantuars are massive behemoths, typically with greenish-gray skin, one eye is notably larger than the other, and they have a belly that is visible beneath their clothes, no matter how big they are made.


An undead scholar named Edgar George Zomboss earned his PhD, majoring in Thanatology. In addition, he learned how to easily mass-produce (emphasis on "mass") giant zombies capable of leading his undead army. Zomboss eventually met his gruesome second end at the hands of a mentally insane druid wearing a steel pot atop his head, named "Dave" and his army of fully mobile plants. Many gargantuars remained, however. Scattered with the second demise of their leader.


Gargantuars often live alone with one companion: a small, yet surprisingly smart zombie pal, called an "Imp".

Gargantuar Names[edit]

Gargatuars are typically named based on their serial number when produced, but may make a simplistic name for themselves typically derived from the Abyssal or Infernal languages, much like tieflings do. Male: GMXXX,, with "X" being a single-digit number

Female: GFXXX, with "X" being a single-digit number

Gargantuar Traits[edit]

Massive undead monstrosities created by Dr. Edgar George Zomboss
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution scores each increase by 2 and your Intelligence and Wisdom scores each decrease by 2.
Age. Gargantuars are undead, so they are immortal until slain
Alignment. Gargantuars are obedient to their back mounted imp, as such, they are almost always Chaotic Evil, yet they may be swayed to any alignment via training and positive reinforcement.
Size. Gargantuars are massive behemoths towering over many of their comrades, at 7 feet, but no taller than 8 feet. Your size is medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Constructed Zombie. Gargantuars are reanimated dead tissue, and as such are treated as undead for all intents and purposes.
Indomitable. Your sheer size and temperament is very frightening to watch, and even more so to be the target of it. You have advantage on all Intimidation rolls.
Phone-line. When wielding a melee weapon made of wood (I.E. a greatclub), you may use it to channel an electric blast form an unknown origin that is treated as a ranged attack, with a range of 30 feet, using the same attack and damage roll.
Musical Serenity. Delicate music, like from a harp or violin, calms gargantuars and makes them more placid. Any Charisma saving throw is done with disadvantage while such music is being played. In addition if the gargantuar is a barbarian, they are unable to enter their rage during and 10 minutes after the performance.
BRAIIINNNS!. Your belly grumbles with hunger after battle. Every body you consume after combat restores 1d6 HP.
Languages. You can speak, but not read or write Common, or a different language at your GM's discretion as Gargantuars are stupid by nature.
Subrace. Pirate Gargantuar, Mummified Gargantuar, Sloth Gargantuar

Pirate Gargantuar[edit]

Sea Legs. Pirate gargantuars are able to traverse the Seas as if they were aquatic to begin with, and have a swim speed of 40 feet. This trait replaces Phone Line.

Mummified Gargantuar[edit]

Mummy's Curse. Mummified gargantuars have access to the fabled "Mummy's Curse". Once per day, a gargantuar may afflict a subject with the Famine Curse. This replaces Phone Line.

Sloth Gargantuar[edit]

Fluffy. Sloth gargantuars wear many different hides, which provides protection from harsh cold. You are immune to the effects of extreme cold. This trait replaces Phone Line.

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