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Campaign: Mines of Phandelver (Discontinued)[edit]

Name: Pollux
Race: Galapian (5e Race)
Class: Mage (5e Class)
Background: Sage
Age: 185 yro
Gender: M
Alignment: Lawful Good
Synopsis: A kind, elderly man nearing death for his age who travels to relieve some of the sadness in his heart due to past trauma at the hands of elves. His partner had gotten tired of seeing his listless self mope around the house and kicked him out to "go get enlightened."
Status: Level 2, Deceased
Remarks: I had used him for two campaigns that took place in the same setting. The first got cancelled and so I thought there to be no harm in using him for a second time. The second campaign got caught in a rut as the players and myself found too much wrong with the DM's campaign difficulty and many of us quit the game. As a final act, I had Pollux die of a cardiac arrest. He remains relatively immortal, however, as one of the most popular characters of that campaign.
Rating: Roleplaying 10/10, Build 6/10

Campaign: Realm Crossers (Discontinued)[edit]

Name: Nithaea "Nithe" Skarpaulos
Race: half-elf
Class: rogue, UA Swashbuckler
Background: Plane Walker (5e Background) + Charlatan
Age: 18
Gender: F
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Synopsis: A young thief who was raised by a circus, but left upon loss of her father. A brief brush with the authorities catapults her from home into a struggle for power of the planes.
Status: Level 5, Alive
Remarks:A bit bland. I was trying to test my munchkin capabilities and have multiclassing plans for future. But she is relatively simple and easy to play.
Rating: Roleplaying 7/10, Build 7/10

Campaign: Lost Mines of Phandelver (Reboot)[edit]

Name: Castor
Race: tortle
Class: cleric, Life Domain
Background: Cloistered Scholar
Age: 45
Gender: M
Alignment: Lawful Good
Synopsis: A follower of Ilmater from the southern part of Chult. He descended from those who did not migrate to the Snout of Omgar during the Spellplague. After the destruction of his home at the hands of followers of Tiamat, he turned towards the church and devoted his life to knowledge for the sake of easing suffering. He never lost touch with his inner bookworm or the ways of nature from his race amid his faith.
He met Gundren Rockseeker over a mutual interest at the time about magic stones and was hired by the dwarf for his expertise. Through the odd jobs he came to do for Gundren, he met the halfling Neko and warforged Arma, who are now his companions to the settlement of Phandalin...
Status: Level 1, Alive
Remarks: Look familiar? Yeah, this is my attempt to recreate Pollux using only official content, because that's what the campaign is about! This character's build is an even more optimized extension from Disciple of Berry (5e Optimized Character Build) due to being able to take feats and ASI at 1st-level. So take Magic Initiate for the druid spell and then boom, you have healing potion berries.
Rating: Roleplaying 10/10, Build 8/10



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