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The deinodent are a series of horrific creatures centered around a cult's obsession with teeth. Utilizing this material, they fashioned a good deal of terrible creatures to use in their dastardly plans to sow chaos across the realm. The formulae to the creation of these horrors are inscribed in fine ivory carvings made to resemble teeth. These deinodent are said to be infused with essence from the aberrations of the Far Realm, making them otherworldly to the core. They come in monstrous forms and various sizes, with the smallest being insidious and the largest being outright calamitous to behold. Some resemble natural forms that have been twisted, while others are entirely alien.

The horrible, suffering Dahlver-Nar, by Wayne England

There are tales of Dahlver-Nar, a nondescript warlock binder who went mad after misusing the power of a dragon's set of teeth. It is said he himself became a vestige, and his body became covered in teeth and fangs of all sizes. If not the Far Realm theory, then it is likely the deinodent originate from the teeth of his body. Deinodent is a portmanteau meaning "terrifying teeth," which is apt as Dahlver-Nar granted his teeth of horrific power to his pact holders, allowing them to create these monstrosities that mirror his mangled, toothy body.

The deinodent are formed partially from an infection, specifically by Deinodent Abraxas. Abraxas has a chance to kill its host. However, sometimes, they change into a deinodent. This infection is quite fearsome, able to affect man and beast alike.


A player knows the following information with a successful skill check.

Religion DC 15: The deinodent were created after the inspiration of Dahlver-Nar, patron of teeth. They are embodiments of suffering.

History DC 15: Cults use deinodent to sow a variety of chaotic situations. They are grown usually out of teeth used as seeds.

Dungeoneering DC 20: Deinodent on their own, save for a few, are without volition. If their masters are killed, they can be controlled by their master's killers if tamed.


The general nature of deinodents in our world is that they either serve alongside other controlled monsters or they go with their own kind. Some deinodents, particularly large ones like ursa or abominos, obviously behave in a solitary manner. On their own plane, where they are summoned from, it is unclear what sort of life they live under the rule of the vestige. However, it is believed to be very painful. Unless they were summoned and used alongside other forces, they will act on their own alone, roaming into territories beyond their summoners. This is rare, however, since deinodents are almost always unnatural and thus an unwelcome influence in the natural world. They are almost always summoned by pact users and duly unsummoned when they cannot be controlled. Creatures of the natural world see them as threats often and so will not align with them.

Deinodent Abraxas[edit]

Deinodent Abraxas
Level 6 Lurker
Tiny Aberrant Magical Beast
XP 250
HP 50; Bloodied 25 Initiative +10
AC 22; Fortitude 17, Reflex 20, Will 17 Perception +4
Speed 5 Low-light vision, Darkvision
Standard Actions
Area.png Shattering Moan (psychic)♦ Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Closed burst 1 (all creatures in burst); +10 vs. Will
Hit: 2d6+5 psychic damage; and the target is dazed until the end of the abraxas' next turn.
Melee.png Invade Mouth ♦ At-Will
Requirement: The abraxas must not have a creature grabbed.
Attack: Melee 1 (one dazed creature); +10 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6+3 damage and the abraxas grabs the target. While the target is grabbed by the abraxas, the abraxas occupies the target's space and cannot be targeted or take damage, and the target is infected with abraxas disease.
Effect: The abraxas jumps 4 squares without provoking opportunity attacks and then makes the above-listed attack.
Skills Stealth +10
Str 16 (+6) Dex 21 (+6) Wis 6 (+1)
Con 11 (+3) Int 6 (+1) Cha 15 (+5)
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages

The deinodent abraxas is a teeny tiny creature known to hide in the teeth of other creatures. From there, it causes excruciating pain for its host and ultimately causes their jaw to implode if not removed. The abraxas is more similar to a parasitic disease. Thus, it has the abrax jaw breaker named after it.


The deinodent abraxas uses its moan to daze enemies that gather around it. It then selects a random dazed target to target with its invade, after which it will latch onto the target's mouth and infect them.

Variant: Deinodent Template[edit]

Sometimes, abraxas will instead cause a strange change in its host rather than kill it outright. In that case, instead of inflicting the usual stages of the abrax jaw breaker, the infected creature gains the deinodent template after its next extended rest.

"Deinodent" is a template you can apply to any creature of a natural origin. It represents a creature taken by the pain of Dahlver-Nar and warped to become a dental horror.

Prerequisite: Natural origin

Elite Brute
XP Elite
HP +8 per level + Constitution score
Speed land speed +2, climb [as land speed] (spider climb)
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Aura of Arachane Might aura 5
Effect: Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the aura takes 5 poison damage.
Close.png Spiders From the Great Web ♦ encounter
Effect: Close burst 10; four spiderkind miniond of the lolthtouched creature's level or lower appear in any unnocupied space within burst. The spiderkind minions take their turns immediately after the lolthtouched creature.
Effect: The lolthtouched creature can speak spydric.

Below, you can see examples of deinodent template creatures.

Deinodent purple worm, by Yanied
Deinodent Yeti, by Yanied
Deinodent brown bear, by Steve Prescott
Deinodent shark, by Yanied

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