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Nestor the chronicler

As a chronicler, you have the task of remembering everything and keeping record. You may be a person obsessed with detail, or maybe a curious scholar looking for all the parts of a story you are invested in writing down. A chronicler has an intense desire to record wholly and accurately. Sometimes, it is an innate obsession. Other times, they are impacted by events that turn them into fervent followers of the ways of chronicling. Unlike an archivist who scours sources of the past, the chronicler is one who wrote the sources down, and will continue to do so in the present.

When making a character of this background, be aware that chroniclers are rarely of the evil alignment. The rare ones that are are usually those who have a revisionist agenda of sorts and wish to record for the sake of recording a specified narrative rather than a truth. Usually, chroniclers are neutral or good, desiring to record and chronicle for the sake of the act, or for informatory purposes for others. Often times, a chronicler is a hiree from a more noble, literate level of society sent on a paid task. Some chroniclers are just drawn to what they do, moving on to write books and manuscripts of history. This can range from traversing the land to record happenings, to following and detailing the feats of a famous figure. Often wanting to write it from their own experience, chroniclers venture to the source of stories to record them for others despite the risks it may pose.

When making a character who is a chronicler, consider the following questions: Does your character have an obsession with memory? Do they want to record stories for the sake of recording? For informing others who may read it? Or for other goals? Does chronicling get in the way of your character's sometimes? Are they so occupied recording that they may often forget about the tasks at hand? Do they tend to tune other people out as they are in thought formulating theories based on their observations or writing? If in a different technological setting, do they act like reporters or bloggers all the time to a fault?

Skill Proficiencies: Chroniclers are very good at noticing things and figuring out meanings or thinking about things they see. You have proficiency in Perception and either Investigation or Insight.

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher's tools

Languages: You know one language of your choice.

Equipment: Calligrapher's tools, fine clothing, a pouch with 15 gp, a thick book of your compiled chronicles, a decree or initial request for your work

Chronicle Type

What type of chronicle does your character keep? If it's hired work, is it of historical nature? Are you even just a bookkeeper maybe?

d6 Specialization
1 Written History
2 Municipal Records
3 Archaeology
4 Biographies
5 Current Events
6 Commercial Records

Feature: Chronicled Memory

You are extremely knowledgeable about events due to your memory and work as a chronicler. You know most of anything that has happened within the last decade, whether it be something mundane as a lost cow or something of greater importance like an earthquake. Your DM might rule that since some knowledge is not recorded, you therefore have no purpose knowing it. In addition, you are trusted to access records in historical keeps where chronicles are kept. This is not restricted solely to official areas like libraries, and may extend to personal archives where chroniclers can exchange information.

Suggested Characteristics

Chroniclers vary in personality but many hold the same temperament in the hard working range.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I like to stay up late to do projects for hours on end.
2 An immaculate personal space is a must. I will often take a lot of time to ensure this.
3 Everything must be described and written accurately. I tend to like correcting people if even their grammar is amiss.
4 I'm very well read so that makes me smarter than others. So I act like it.
5 Niceties get me what I want. Thus, I like being courteous.
6 Everything has deeper stories. I'll ask endlessly to get those answers.
7 I'm a no-nonsense person. Don't ask me to entertain frivolities.
8 Due to having stayed in with just books, I like being alone rather than around rambunctious sorts.
d6 Ideal
1 Accuracy. My duty lies to recording as happened as objectively as possible. (Lawful)
2 Job-Driven. This is just business. Nothing's personal. (Neutral)
3 Trickster. Hahahaha, I wonder how I can best manipulate words to confuse the heck out of people? (Chaotic)
4 Storyteller. What we write as chroniclers is what will tell people of what happened. (Neutral Good)
5 Deceiver. There's a story here I want to be told my way, even if it's not exactly what happened. (Neutral Evil)
6 Randomness. I just like writing for the game. So I'll write whatever. (Chaotic Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I have strong tendencies toward the truth and knowledge of it.
2 I take a lot of odd requests for coin.
3 Nothing bothers me more than misinterpretations of what I write.
4 My family wanted me to be a scholar. I hope I'm not disappointing them
5 After a tremulous life, this is much more peaceful an occupation.
6 Friends are resources to better myself as a person and a recorder.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm such a grammar nut that it's overbearingly annoying.
2 People don't appreciate my dry or dark humor, which I quip out every other minute.
3 I have a deadly fear, which is so bad it cripples me if I encounter it.
4 I can be a real snobby turn off.
5 Money is the only issue I like to take into account.
6 I just really misleading people with words.
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