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About Me[edit]

Hello everyone who happens to be viewing! I'm just an RPG enthusiast and (currently) somewhat new-ish DnD player from the rock-hard granite state known as New Hampshire. I look forward to helping expand this wiki with whatever ideas I come up with.

Though I'm a shitastic artist, I also like to draw (and bloviate about politics and current events). You can check out my stuff here: Deviant Art

Here are some things I've made so far:






Optimized Character Builds[edit]

Currently Working On[edit]

  • A bunch of other pokemon races (Gonna possibly take a break from those...maybe)
  • Weapons (I have a few interesting ideas)
  • Enemy Pokemon (Well, I'm going to TRY to at least since I have no experience making monsters)
  • Races from other media

I'm very approachable and open to ideas, so feel free to give critiques/suggestions.

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