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Wondrous item, Legendary (Requires attunement)

An ordinary looking, standard sized push broom that was created by a person who must have really loved cleanliness, or at least was sick of sweeping floors.

While holding the Broom of Sweeping, you can speak the words "LOOKS LIKE IT'S SWEEPING TIME!". This will cause the broom to charge forward 60 feet in a straight line per turn. Every time the Broom of Sweeping moves, a voice booms from it saying, "GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!", sometimes repeatedly and in rapid succession). Creatures struck by the Broom of Sweeping, regardless of size, must make a DC 30 Dexterity saving throw or take 10d10 force damage and be pushed back by the broom for however long the broom keeps moving forward, or half as much on a successful save and are instead pushed 5 feet to the left or right of the broom as it continues moving forward. If the broom hits a solid, secure object, such as a pillar or wall, the Broom of Sweeping turns in a random direction and continues moving forward. Creatures swept up by the broom may make a DC 25 Dexterity saving throw. On a successful save the creature is no longer pushed by the Broom of Sweeping, but continues being pushed on a failed save.

If the Broom of Sweeping cannot continue turn or continue moving forward, or if the words "ALL CLEAN!" is spoken, the Broom of Sweeping stops sweeping and materializes in the hands on whomever in attuned to it. If the creature attuned does not have a free hand, the broom simply materializes 5 feet from the creature.


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