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Who is this 'Salasay?'[edit]

Salasay is the name of my first ever DnD Character. He was a level 15 Tiefling Scout/Master Thrower (I cannot remember the number of levels in each class). We ignored the LA, and he was quite a fun character to play. Since then, I have become an avid homebrewer, making many races and classes, not all of which were very good (yes 2009 I.W.M., I'm looking at you). The greatest compliment I could get on this wiki is "I used your class/race/feat/weapon/NPC in a campaign, and it worked great/awful. This is why..." Feel free to adapt anything I make to fit your campaign, just don't edit the actual page to do it. And please, please tell me if you use it in a campaign, and how it worked.

Currently taking a break from new content. I will still respond pretty promptly to questions and edits on my talk page and classes that I made or monitor.

Wait, how do I even say 'Salasay?'[edit]

Its simple! DC 10, at most.

Sal as in Salad

as as in has

ay as in hay


My Stuff[edit]

(Pm) indicates something associated with the Paramýth Campaign Setting.

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