Außenseiter Wars (Paramýth Supplement)

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~230 BV - 1AL

Paramýth is located above a major rift in the material plane, which was cause unknown ages ago when the gods of the world were still mere mortals. As such, the continent draws Outsiders to it, especially Native Outsiders, such as the Planetouched. The first settlers of the continent of Paramýth were those planetouched. At first the urge was just a slight feeling of needing to be elsewhere, like when you want to go back home, but can't. As the generations passed, a few planetouched set out to find the place they were being called to, but all of those tat tried failed. Eventually, the tiefling nation of Dæmons Reach was driven into the sea, an entire nation living on boats. The navigators unconsciously steered towards Paramýth, and eventually (aproximately 230 years Before Vake) landed in northwestern Paramýth, near where Ravnira and Tatsua would later be. They colonized west until they reached another body of water, now named the Strait of Fotia-Pagos. Once they reached the strait, they began settling southwards, through what would later be Morteim, the Badlands, and the western part of the current Tiefling Lands. By this time the nation was spread thin, and the settling of the rest of Paramýth halted as they began to rebuild their strength. As they did this, the aasimar arrived in approximately 185 BV. Neither group knew of the other, as the aasimar had landed in the northeast, later known as Kallaten. The aasimar scholars had noticed the tugging, and had figured out what was causing it. They figured out where the Planar Rift was, and consulted sea charts to plan the best course to take. Because of this, the aasimar lost significantly less people on the voyage, landing at full force. The aasimar settled all of northern Paramýth, stopping at the Strait of Fotia-Pagos as well. They then followed the east coast southeast to what would later be Vonaisu. Once they reached the southeastern tip of Paramýth, the aasimar turned westward, and in about 165 BV ran into the tieflings for the first time. Immediately the two races innate hatred for each other flared up, and they began to fight. The tieflings, who were more used to the cold climate of southern Paramýth, prevailed at the initial contact point, driving the aasimar out of southeastern Paramýth. However, the aasimar prevailed farther north, driving the tieflings southwest away from the Strait of Fotia-Pagos. After 20 years of fighting, the two nations developed their areas, tieflings in the south and east, aasimar in the north and west. The fighting raged on for another 145 years with no more major changes occurring in the battle-lines. Both nations were severely weakened, but the only thing that stopped the fighting was the arrival of the Vake.

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