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Reavers' War[edit]

182 AL - 184 AL

In 126 AL, a Ravniran Verrück by the name of Janus Mechen was born. He was the bastard son of two Herznecht, or Planetouched who have status in society. The Herznechten families are descendant from 10 Planetouched (5 Aasimar and 5 Tiefling ) who helped the Vackel during the conquering of Paramýth. They, in exchange for betraying their Planetouched brothers, were given status as peers within their chosen nations. The 10 families were named for colors that they took as their own: Kokino (Red), Portokali (Orange), Kitrino (Yellow), Chryso (Gold), Lef̱ko (White), Galanos (Blue), Prasino (Green), Mov (Purple), Ysimi (Silver), and Mavro (Black). There are also many subfamilies, formed by intermarriage of certain families. The most notable are the Roz (Red and White, or Pink), Kyano (Blue and Green, or Teal), Levanta (Purple and Silver, or Lavender), and Nkrizo (Black and White, or Grey). Janus, being a bastard of the Kitrino and the Galanos families, had a relatively high status for a bastard. His father, the second oldest son of the patriarch of the Galanos family, shunned him for his bastardy and forced him to enlist in the Imperial Legion as a Strelec at 16. Janus Mechen, now known as Janus Braun, excelled as a Strelec, and was promoted all the way through the enlisted ranks until he became a Lieutenant Centurion just before the beginning of the Rebellion. During the war, Janus was stationed in Sevatim, was promoted to Tribune General during his deployment, and was given a legion to command. He controlled Sevatim until the Vackel Empire truly began to fall, just prior to the recapturing of Sevatim by the rebels. Janus took his prime cohort with him when he saw the writing on the wall and deserted, going into hiding on the peninsula near what is now the isles of Menedek.

In 162 AL, Relit Braun was born to Röt Jakob Braun, human son of Janus Braun, in central Sevatim. Röt Jakob Braun died when his son was 11, and the orphaned Relit was taken care of by his 17 year old tiefling friend Ke Kyano. Ke had been training as a soulknife since he was 10, and taught Relit to create a mind blade. However, Ke Kyano disappeared after 5 years, leaving a 16 year old Relit to look after himself. He by 18 he had stolen a pair of revolvers from a military station and taught himself to use them, and began eking out a living as a mercenary, using a unique blend of mind blades and revolvers to fight. In 182 AL, Relit was hired by a wealthy man named Matias Vanjen, along with a genius mage named Andren McKal (who was known for the arcane artifacts he created), a Nagai swordsman named John Krehl (one of the most famous of Nagai's many skilled swordsmen, known as "The Cherry Sword". Many of the traditional Sevatin sword-styles use cherry hilted swords in his honor.), and a Verrück soulknife named Janus Nkrizo (who would later establish the Ausgleichn) to help his son Mathew Vanjen kill a Warlord known simply as "The Spectre". He had been building up a secret army in eastern Sevatim to try and conquer Paramýth. Vanjen's sponsor in Ravnira, Maus Volfstöter von Yassenberg, had sent enough money to pay all four mercenaries handsomely, as well as troops to draw off the secret army. The ploy worked, and Relit, Andren, John, Janus, and Mathew (the party of five would later be called The Reavers) slipped undetected into The Spectre's cliff-side-castle on the eastern shore of Sevatim. In the confrontation between The Reavers and The Spectre, The Spectre revealed himself to be Janus Braun, Relit's grandfather. He had been driven insane by his mixed blood, and thought that the Vackel Empire would rise from the ashes anew like a phoenix to form the Fönix-Vackel Empire, with his castle as the capitol. He thought he had been contacted by other "Fönix" who were telling him to begin an uprising on the Date of Treaty in 182 (a month from the confrontation). He, as the patriarch of the family, ordered Relit to turn of the other Reavers and become a "Fönix". Relit responded with eight bullets to the chest of Janus "The Spectre" Braun, and kicking him out of the window of the throne room and into the Sevatin Sea far below. The Reavers left and went their separate ways.

In 184, two years to the day after the death of Janus Braun, Matias Vanjen was stabbed eight times in the chest in his locked and guarded bedroom. No one knew who had done it, or how, but Mathew contacted the other four Reavers, asking them to come help investigate. He and Relit recognized the significance of the eight stab wounds, and began to research ghosts, wraiths, and other specters. They determined that The Spectre had returned as a specter (a wraith to be exact). The eight shots had not killed Janus, and he had somehow floated all the way south to the Isle Shi. There, he had crawled to the Chasm of Wraiths and entered the pool, becoming a wraith. Janus Nkrizo, frightened by the implications of The Spectre's decent into madness, had begun research on counteracting the effects of the conflicting blood of the Verrück. He stated that the blood insanity Janus had fallen into would carry over once he no longer had blood, and so must be finished off. The Reavers traveled to the capitol of the "Fönix-Vackel Empire", where they saw it was filled with shades from the Chasm of Wraiths; Janus had bound all of the crushed souls from the Chasm to his service, and now had an army of incorporeal soldiers to replace his former corporeal army. The Reavers, weapons enchanted with ghost-touch, charged the castle. The shades, surprisingly, put up no resistance, and simply retreated to the throne room. The Reavers, puzzled, followed them cautiously. In the throne room, they found Janus Braun and ten wraiths, one each from the Herznechten families. The Spectre greeted The Reavers, and bade them surrender. Relit answered again in the same manner as before, with eight bullets. Janus, however, simply disappeared, and his ten wraiths attacked. The following fight was long and brutal, with the Reavers defeating the ten Herznechten wraiths and loosing Andren McKal. Janus then reappeared and killed Mathew in one strike. Janus Nkrizo threw a binding, immobilizing Janus, and Relit and John Krehl ran him through. Thus passed Janus Mechen Braun, The Spectre, The Fönix, The Last Vake.

TLDR: Internal Sevatin. Relit vs Warlord Janus. Relit won.

The Reaver War was extremely short and is only important in that it established the Reapers and involves the ancestors to Roger Braun, as well as many other people who start notable things. It is essentially the Paramýth equivalent of Jason and the Argonauts.

First Mortein War[edit]

238 AL - 248 AL

Approximately 70 years after the fall of the Vackel empire, King Gierwön of Ravnira became dissatisfied with the size of his country. At the time, Ravnira was the smallest country. King Gierwön decided to invaded Tatsua. Ravnira quickly occupied all of northern Tatsua, but were stopped by a joint force of Tatsuan cavalry and Mortein pike-men. Ravnira was driven back towards their border, but they retained occupation of what would later become Lèchardè. The two forces continued to fight with little change of boundary for 6 years. Then Morteim launched sudden offensive, occupying eastern Ravnira. Ravnira stopped the invasion, but could not take back their eastern lands. The fighting stagnated for another 2 years, during which Ravnira began to train an elite force which would later become Dragon Legion. However, before the training was complete, Tatsua and Morteim broke through the western front, taking back Lèchardè and driving all the way to the capitol of Ravnira. There, they executed King Gierwön and negotiated the terms of surrender with his chancellor. In the end the borders were returned to normal, but prolonged occupation left areas of Tatsua and Ravnira uneasy. Citizens from the occupying countries had remained in the area, gradually influencing the local culture of those areas.

TLDR: Morteim + Tatsua vs Ravira. Morteim + Tatsua won. Dragon Legion Formed, but did not participate. planted seeds for Czervone Rebellion and Lèchardèr Revolution

Czervone Rebellion[edit]

254 AL - 255 AL

About 5 years after the conclusion of the First Mortein War, the area that had been occupied during the war attempted to leave and join Morteim. At the time, western Paramýth was suffering from a famine, especially in the already harsh climate of Morteim. The Czarr of Morteim at the time, Czarr Victor Krymeski II, refused to let the other countries know of the issues in Morteim. The rebels in Czervone were therefor unaware of this problem. The Czarr knew that the country would collapse if it had to add Czervone to its territory. When Czervone formally requested admittance (and military aid in fighting Ravnira, which Morteim was also unable to give), the Czarr turned them down. The fighting lasted less than a year, and ended when the newly formed Red Dragons, the only cohort of the Dragon Legion at the time, found and captured the leaders of the rebellion. The Alpha Cohort, at that time consisting of 500 legionnaires, was determined to be impractical as a single unit and was split into Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon Cohorts.

TLDR: Internal Ravnira. Ravnira vs "Czervone". Ravnira won. First use of Dragon Legion.

War of the Tengeriharc[edit]

257 AL - 266 AL

The War of the Tengeriharc was a relatively standard and basic war of little note in and of itself. Kallaten raiders were constantly attacking the coasts of Sevatim, often based out of Menedek. The Sevatin Emperor requested that the Kallaten took care of the raiders at home, but they refused. After a particularly deep raid on the mainland of Sevatim, the Emperor declared war on Kallaten. After an almost entirely naval conflict in which Kallaten bested Sevatim constantly, Sevatin Swordsman took over a key Kallaten naval port and forced a treaty to be signed. Thus, the war was over.

The war, however, was not nearly as simple as it appeared. During the Reavers' War, Andren McKal created two artifacts, one known as the Skath'ri and another known as the Ckel'ri. The Skath'ri was an artificial mind, with a personality and self awareness (It was often called "Buggy" by its owners). However, it also had the ability to carry out complex calculations in small periods of time, store and remember vast amounts of data and information, and could allow users to tap into ley-lines in order to gain information about different areas and even retrieve specific regional information (i.e. a magical supercomputer.) Andren had completed it just prior to his death, and had left no information on how it was created or how to replicate it. The Ckel'ri, on the other hand, was well documented and examined, and acted as a starting point to reproducing the Skath'ri. It was a smaller and more simplistic form of the Skath'ri, with no personality, creativity, and self-awareness. It held similar capabilities, but was much weaker in all functions. The Kallaten deep raid which began the war had stolen the original Ckel'ri and a replication known as a Ckel'sai, which held most of the research that had been performed on the Ckel'ri. The Emperor employed a force of swordsmen to retrieve it quietly. Among these swordsmen was Reimyr Braun, great-great grandson of Relit Braun and the protector of the Skath'ri. Andren had entrusted the Skath'ri with Relit prior to his death, and the Skath'ri was passed down through the family. Even the Emperor was unaware of the true protector of the Skath'ri, but he was aware that it was being protected and would be presented once the ability to replicate it had been achieved.

Many facilities had been set up by a multinational force to research the Ckel'ri, ranging from Ravnira to Kallaten to the depths of Vonaisu to the Sevatin islands themselves. These facilities were set up to be run by a system of Ckel'sai in performing research, and the Ckel'ri was passed from facility to facility on an irregular schedule. Reimyr used the Skath'ri to hijack the Ckel'sai and access information from the facilities. He would often shut down the facilities and burn out the Ckel'sai after storing the research progress on the Skath'ri and a Ckel'sai of his own. Eventually he tracked the Ckel'ri and stolen Ckel'sai to a facility in the Aasimar Westlands. During the raid on the facility, it was revealed that the Skath'ri had apparently been replicated, and was running the facility. The Skath'ri was unable to hijack the systems of the facilities as normal, and was locked into a battle with its twin, known as the Myajir. As Reimyr and his team approached the room in which the Myajir was held, it began taunting them aloud, as well as arguing with the Skath'ri. Where as "Buggy" was obedient, polite, and helpful, the Myajir was arrogant, aggressive, and an egotist. It was an imperfect reproduction, and was not as "mentally" stable as the Skath'ri. The Myajir was overcome by the Skath'ri, and destroyed. Reimyr informed the Emperor of the unfortunate discovery about the folly of replicating the Skath'ri, and settled in Ravnira to attempt to expand on the work done by Andren.

Both the Sevatin and Kallaten military use Ckel'sai to communicate and give orders (i.e. secure cell phones), and the Ravniran military uses an even more simplified system to communicate (i.e. simple radio).

Sevatim vs Kallaten. Almost entirely naval. Sevatim won technically. Often seen as the squeal to the Reavers' War

Lèchardèr Revolution[edit]

264 AL - 268 AL

Aproximately 9 years after the Czervone Rebellion, the northwestern section of Tatsua, know as Lèchardè to its inhabitants, decided to rebel as well. Like Czervone, Lèchardè was occupied during the First Mortein War. Unlike Czervone, Lèchardè attempted to form its own country. The initial rebellion started and ended in a month. After Lèchardè officialy declared that they wished to leave, the Tatsuan military rode for the city of Lumiamour, the capitol city of the rebelling Lèchardèr people and eventually the country of Lèchardè. The Lèchardèr militia marched to fight them... and were obliterated, and the city was occupied by the Tatsuan military. The rebellion was effectively over, until Ravnira decided to help Lèchardè. Ravnira drove the Tatsuan military out of Lumiamour, and began training the new Lèchardèr militia. With the help of Ravnira, Lèchardè successfully fought off the Tatsuan military for 2 years, after which Lèchardè signed a treaty with Tatsua to gain their independence.

TLDR: Lèchardè + Ravnira vs Tatsua. Lèchardè + Ravnira won.

Third Tatsuan War[edit]

275 AL - 283 AL

The King of Tatsua at the time of the Lèchardèr Revolution was named Willam Caine. His father was George Cain II, who defeated Ravniran military in the First Mortein War. When Ravnira had trounced his elite cavalry units, it had left a stain on his rule. Approximately 4 months after the war ended, he met Lena neMates, a courtesan of the Tatsuan capital. She worked her way into his confidence, and complementing him on his "manliness", in all senses. Willam was caught, and allowed her to control him with complements or passive-aggressive threats ("You shouldn't let that law through. Or are you not manly enough to resist it?") she eventually convinced him that he could never be a true man unless he made up for his failure in the Lèchardèr Revolution and conquered Ravnira instead. (Since Ravnira was obviously at fault, and the poor people of Lèchardè were obviously coerced by the immoral, power-hungry, and drunken Ravnirans into leaving the safety of the Tatsuan banner so that Ravnira could snatch the territory up at their leisure. Obviously. Thus Tatsua is required to avenge its wrongfully coerced sister country by defeating the awful Ravnirans. When the Lèchardèr see who the true military power in the west is, they will run back to Tatsua. A Truly Flawless plan. Obviously the guy who made it must have been really manly to be that clever. Because You totally came up with the whole thing Willam. The whole thing.) So Tatsua attacked Ravnira by surprise, charging cavalry regiments deep into Ravniran territory, nearly reaching the capitol city! Then... Ravniras armies were mobilized. First, the Beta and Gamma Cohorts of the Dragon legions cut the tenuous supply line set up by the Tatsuan's rapid and reckless advance. Second, the First and Second Jaeger Legions collapsed on the main force of cavalry, slaughtering the whole regiment. Third, the First, Second, and Third Pike Legions and the Second Bowman Legion began an assault on Tatsua itself, driving (in a much more slow and controlled manner) to the Tatsuan capitol. Because they spent more time establishing a supply chain, Ravnira was able to reach the capitol five years after the initial attack. When King Willam saw the legions outside his city, he was terrified, but Lena supported him, and told him to prepare for a siege. Willam did exactly that, shutting down the city. The Ravniran legions laid siege on the capitol for another two years, until the Demolition Corps of Ravnira reached the front line. They set about laying breaching charges all along the cities walls, and 7 and a half years after the war had started, Ravnira breached the walls of the city, pouring in and marching for the throne room. When the king felt the explosion, he rushed back to his chambers and Lena, only to find all of his riches gone, along with Lena. As he was confronted by the Ravniran troops, Lena reappeared, but this time dressed as a Ravniran camp follower. Willam only noticed her moments before he was executed. No knows Lena's real name, or why she chose to bring ruin to Tatsua.

Tatsua vs Ravnira. Ravnira won

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