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Planar Rifts[edit]

The continent of Paramýth is located directly "on top" of a major rip in the material plane, potentially allowing all sorts of abominations from the more bizarre and dangerous planes. However, the rip was mostly sealed by a powerful spell cast billions of years before any humans existed. This spell, while it sealed the rip almost entirely, left four smaller gaps in the fabric of the material plane. Each rift manifests itself as a physical location or geological formation.

The Astral Mountains[edit]

The first minor rift manifests itself as a string of mountains. Within those mountains are many creatures from other planes, as well as magical traps and labyrinths. Caves that change themselves as you walk so that you cannot leave (unless you leave a continuous trail of some kind, like a string), bottomless pits, lights that lead you off of cliffs, and man other magical hazards. A good spell-caster can help lead a group of people through the mountains, but it is still dangerous.

Valley of Illusions[edit]

Located near the Astral Mountains, the Valley of Illusions is actually not part of the original rip, and was formed by a mortal. Merek Ill'sa, the first illusionary weapons master, created the rift leading to his own demiplane and castle. The valley is impossible to find if you aren't looking for it and have never been there.

Chasm of Wraiths[edit]

In Sevatim there is a large hole in the ground, about 10 feet deep, on the Isle Shi. Off of the bottom of the hole is a cave. The cave and the area around it is full of mindless shades, attacking anyone who approaches the Chasm (the hole). If any of these shades are killed, they simply reappear 3d4 minutes later. Inside the cave is a pool of what appears to be water.If a living, sentient being (hereafter called the subject) submerses more than a toe in the water, they are pulled into the pool by a supernatural force. Once in the pool, the subject must make a DC 30 will save to willingly leave the pool, and a DC 30 fortitude save to prevent the pool from beginning to transform them. If the subject has a charisma score of at least 12, a wisdom score of at least 10, and an intelligence score of at least 8, his soul and mind are separated from their body and placed in the Ethereal Plane (otherwise the subjects mind is destroyed), viewing the process in third person. Over the course of the next three hours, the subjects physical body is dissolved into a tan sludge (the skeleton doesn't dissolve immediately; over the next two and a half days the sludge and bones dissolve completely, leaving no residue.) Over those three hours the subjects mind and soul (still trapped in the Ethereal Plane) must make 2 DC 10 will checks and 2 DC 10 charisma checks. If the succeeds in all of those checks, he makes on last DC 15 will+charisma check (1d20 + base will + wisdom modifier + charisma modifier.) Failure of any of these five checks results in the subjects mind being destroyed. If, at the end of the process, the subjects mind is intact, then he gains the wraith template. Otherwise, the subject becomes a mindless shade and is bound to the chasm, forced to guard it forever.

Eldritch Castle[edit]

The Nameless Lake[edit]

No one really knows anything about the lake. It is never given a true name, never swam in, never drunk from, never gazed upon. Theories as to its properties range from being full of some extra-planar version of water to housing and being prison to an Eldritch Being known as Chrlnkhlahl, rumored to have created from the planar rift and to hail not from another plane or world, but from outside of Creation. A few worship this Being, and are called Tchrelenites. They often try to swim in The Nameless Lake, and are never seen again.

Mountain Ranges[edit]

The Astral Mountains[edit]

Mortein Mountains[edit]

Helenic Mountains[edit]

Pekolasic Mountains[edit]

Nautical Places of Interest[edit]

Places of Nautical Importance[edit]

  • Kryo Sea: Located near the city of Dadapolis, the Kryo Sea is the farthest south body of water, and as such is almost completely frozen year-round. Navigating the Sea is extremely difficult, and requires expert navigators and specially designed ships.
  • Sevatin Sea: Located north of Sevatim and east of Kallaten, the Sevatin Sea is the birthplace for most storms which make landfall on the coast of Paramýth. In contrast with the Kryo, the Sevatin Sea is warm, but just as hard to navigate. Storms and rough waves, along with underwater reefs and shoals make the Sevatin a dangerous sea, even more so than the Kryo.
  • Planetouched Sea: The Planetouched Sea is located directly in the middle of Paramýth. Some historians suspect that the sea was formed in the same event that caused the major planar anomalies around Paramýth. The Planetouched Sea is a vital route for trade of goods between northwestern Paramýth and eastern Paramýth.
  • Hegre Bay: Located south of Cape Heron, Hegre Bay is surprisingly calm compared to the treacherous water around the cape. In fact, Hegre Bay has the calmest waters in Paramýth. This makes it ideal for ship building, as well as housing fleets. While it is mostly controlled by Kallaten, the Aasimar have use of the southern half of the bay. The mouth of the bay dumps into the Chelovek Ocean, while the Planetouched Sea is connected by the Strait of Fotia-Pagos to Hegre Bay.
  • Sevatin Islands:
Daichi: The largest of the three major Sevatin Islands, Daichi is home to a large proportion of the opium and tobacco farms in Sevatim. Western side of the tail is also used as an important trading port for Sevatim.
Nagai: Nagai is the farthest west of the three major isles, and is rather long and narrow. Nagai is home to most of the greatest sword-smiths in Sevatim, as well as a large number of the greatest swordsmen, as well.
Menedek: Menedek is not actualy one island, but rather a pair of islands, one long one and one circular one that together look like an upside-down i. The long one called Alap and the smaller one is called Parán. All three were named by the Kallaten raiders and privateers during the rebellion against the Vake. The place in between the two islands is a narrow passage, and is hard to see when traveling along the coast because of an ever-present mist over the island, caused by volcanic activity on Parán. This hard to find passage was used as a hiding place for Kallaten raiders, and still shelters pirates off the coast of Sevatim.
Shi: Home to the Chasm of Wraiths, Shi is a tiny, unmapped island south of Menedek.

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