The Fall of the Vake (Paramýth Supplement)

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141 AL - 163 AL

By about about 75 years some princedoms which had fully developed independent cultures wanted to form their own sovereign nation, instead of having to be subject to the Vake and their different culture. In particular Morteim, Ravnira, and Northern Sevatim were dissatisfied. Tatsua and Kallaten were also unhappy, but not to the extent that the other three were. After 117 years, the Vackel Empire was broken when five of its seven princedoms rebelled. Pekolasi and Helenia fought to suppress the rebellion, along with the new princedom of Vonaisu, formerly Southern Sevatim. They quickly occupied Sevatim and what later became the Horn, although the Sevatin barrier islands continued to shelter Kallaten privateers who raided the coast of Helenia and Vonaisu. Ravnira, Kallaten, and Morteim provided most of the military for the rebels, Kallaten focusing on the eastern side and Morteim and Ravnira focusing on the western side. Early on in the rebellion the Vake were much more successful, capturing Sevatim, the southeastern half of Tatsua, and most of what later became the Aasimar Lands. Morteim, however, proved to be too hard to invade, and the Vake lost many legions attempting to do so. While the Vake were trying to invade Morteim, Kallaten and Ravnira joined together in an offensive which drove the Vake out of Sevatim and Vonaisu, cutting off the northern Vake forces. Kallaten and the liberated Sevatin made short work of the northern forces, halving the size of the remaining Empire. While the Vake were trying to recover from the double blow of loosing southern Kallaten and Sevatim, Ravnira and Morteim sent a spear legion each, carried by Kallaten raiders, into the Kryo Sea, landing just a three days march from Dadapolis, the capitol city of Helenia, and by extension the Vackel Empire. The two legions captured the city with ease, cutting off the head of the Vackel Empire. The remaining Prince of Pekolasi surrendered not long afterwards, ending the war. The five rebel princes met in Ogangrad, the capitol of Pekolasi, to accept the Princes surrender. There the five princes and the delegates for the tieflings and the aasimar met to divided the continent into sovereign nations. The map as it stands during more recent events such as The Second Mortein War came about mostly at this meeting. Lèchardè was not created until later, and the western portion of the Tiefling Lands which does not border the Planetouched Sea was originally part of the Badlands. The oceans to the east and west of Paramýth were named in honor of the islands original inhabitants, the planetouched. The eastern was named Außenseiter by Ravnira, and the western was named Chelovek by the Mortein.

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