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Dragon Legionnaire[edit]

I see red and silver. Form ranks! Ready spears! The Snachala Drakon approach! Lets just hope we can take a few with us to Hell...
—Dmitry Romanovich Soldatsky, human general of Mortein 6th Pike Legion, Battle of Drakon Pass.

The Dragon Legion is the elite fighting force of the Ravnira army, specializing in precise strike missions. They are known for their individual fighting skill; a cohort of Dragon legionnaires (which is the typical unit the Legion is divided into for deployment) consists of 100 soldiers, and they have been known to defeat traditionally sized cohorts of 1,000 soldiers and can hold off an entire Legion in the proper terrain. Trained to be extremely versatile, each legionnaire is trained in the use of a variety of weapons. The primary weapon of the Dragon Legion is the spear. Made by lashing a kunai like knife to the end of a 5ft quarterstaff, the "dragon spear" looks very shoddy, and poorly made. However, it is surprisingly carefully designed, allowing for a small amount of movement from the knife. This movement aids in the removal of the "spearhead" from fallen enemies, and makes slashes with the edge of the knife less likely to break the "spear-tip". Because the spear-knives are removable, special importance is placed in the knife of fallen legionnaires, and often the spear-knife of a legion captain is passed down to his successors. The other two weapons used often are the Sabreknife (slashing short-sword) and the P-33 Colt Wadjet, similar to the P-53 Colt Wadjyt but with only six shots. However, the P-33 is a light weapon, while the P-53 is a one-handed weapon, and it is a move action to load it, like a crossbow with Rapid Reload.

Becoming a Dragon Legionnaire[edit]

Dragon legionnaires come from men of extreme martial might, such as fighters, dragoons, knights, and occasionally paladins. However, knowledge of survival and nature are important, because the Dragon Cohorts tend to be sent on long missions cut off from supplies.

Entry Requirements
Base Attack Bonus: +10.
Race: Human.
Skills: 6 ranks in Knowledge (geography), and Survival.
Feats: Weapon Focus (spear), Combat Expertise, Two-Weapon Fighting, Dodge, Quick Draw.
Special: Own a masterwork or better spear, Sabreknife, and P-33 Wadjet.

NOTE: The ownership of weapons is not a requirement in-universe. In-universe, the military pays for all equipment except for extra weapons.

Table: The Legionnaire

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +0 +1 Momentum Striker +1, Drachenstil, Drachenodem +1d4, Arms Drills
2nd +2 +3 +0 +1 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Loosened Armor
3rd +3 +3 +1 +2 Girdle of Arms, Combat Veteran,
4th +4 +4 +1 +2 Medium Armor Mobility, Drachenodem +2d4, Arms Drills
5th +5 +4 +1 +3 Momentum Striker +2, Drachenstil Maneuver
6th +6/+1 +5 +2 +3 Arms Drills, Uncanny Dodge
7th +7/+2 +5 +2 +3 Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Drachenodem +3d4
8th +8/+3 +6 +2 +4 Drachenstil Maneuver
9th +9/+4 +6 +3 +4 Improved Uncanny Dodge
10th +10/+5 +7 +3 +5 Momentum Striker +3, Drachenodem +4d4, Drachenstil Maneuver

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level)
Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Local) (Int), Knowledge (History) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Survival (Wis), Tumble (Dex).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Dragon Legionnaire.

Each level in Dragon Legionnaire count as two levels in fighters when determining for feats such as Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, and Greater Weapon Specialization.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A legionnaire is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor and medium armor, the P-33 and one other exotic weapon of his choice.

Momentum Striker (Ex): Even when he isn't charging a legionnaire can use his momentum to dish out more devastating blows. When a legionnaire moves at least 10 feet in a straight line before attacking a foe in melee, even if he isn't charging, he gets a +1 damage bonus. At 5th level and 10th level, this bonus increases by 1. This 10 foot movement must be the last movement before the legionnaire strikes; a legionnaire cannot move 10 feet in a straight line, then turn, move to an opponent and attack, gaining this bonus, the last part of his move must be moving 10 feet towards the target. The benefits of this ability are halved (to minimum of 1) while wearing light or no armor; a legionnaire must wear medium or heavy armor to gain the full benefit of this feat. If a legionnaire gets the Momentum Striker ability from the Dragoon class, he instead treats his Dragon legionnaire levels as more dragoon levels to determine the bonus. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with Drachenstil.

Drachenstil (Ex): The fighting style that makes the Dragon Legions so powerful is referred to as Drachenstil. All legionnaires are taught how to use the cutting edge on the spear-knife to slash with the spear instead of thrusting. This technique makes wielding the spear in one hand more practical. In order to brace the spear along his forearm, a legionnaire would grab the spear three fifths of the way up the shaft, and then spin the butt of the spear forward and up, into the crook of his elbow. Holding the spear like this allows the legionnaire to treat it like a one handed weapon. In his off-hand, the legionnaire has his sabreknife. As a standard action, the legionnaire may attack with both weapons at his highest base attack bonus. When making a full attack, a legionnaire using Drachenstil may attack with his sabreknife once for every attack he can make with his spear. The first attack is at his highest base attack bonus, his second is at his highest base attack bonus -2, and every one after that, if he has more than 2, is at his highest base attack bonus -5 for every attack he makes with his sabreknife past 2. While using Drachenstil, a legionnaire may take a swift action to switch his sabreknife and his P-33. He may not make an attack with the drawn weapon in the a turn in which he has already attacked with the now sheathed weapon. While using Drachenstil and wielding his P-33, a legionnaire may only attack once per round with the P-33, but he does not provoke attacks of opportunity by making a ranged attack in melee. While using Drachenstil, the legionnaire ignores penalties for dual-wielding, and in fact get +1 to hit. Switching in and out of Drachenstil is a swift action.

  • Drachenodem (Ex): A legionnaire using Drachenstil taps into an inner strength and focus. He has a connection to his weapons, similar to the connection monks have with their own bodies. All of the legionnaires attacks while using Drachenstil deal an additional 1d4 damage. At 4th, 7th and 10th levels the bonus damage increases by 1d4.
  • Beschämung: When a legionnaire feels that he has failed in some way and holds himself personally responsible for the death of a fellow legionnaire, he may choose to take this ability. The shamed legionnaire takes the spear-knife of the fallen comrade and lashes it by the handle directly behind his own spear-knife, at a right angle to the shaft of the spear and with its blade in the same geometric plane as his own. This turns the spear into a halberd, except that it still only does piercing damage. All feats that the legionnaire has that affect spears also affect this specific halberd, and this halberd is treated as a spear for the purposes of class abilities. While using a halberd with Drachenstil, he loses the benefit of Weapon Focus (he still has the feat, and feats that require it don't stop working), but while not using Drachenstil he gains the ability to make two additional attacks with the secondary blade at his highest base attack bonus and his highest base attack bonus -5. When making these extra attacks, all of his attacks that round get -1 to-hit and he may treat his rolls for weapon damage as one higher (so if he rolls his d10 and gets a 5, its a 6, but if he rolls a 10, its still a 10.) Whenever he uses his halberd he may add 1 damage for every die of Drachenodem he has, but he cannot use Drachenodem with Drachenstil normally. A legionnaire may choose to take Beschämung at any level.

Arms Drills: The legionnaires of Dragon Legion are trained relentlessly in the three weapons of the legion. A legionnaire of first level gains Weapon Specialization (Spear) and Weapon Focus (Short Sword and P-33) (if he doesn't have enough fighter levels to qualify for Weapon Specialization, he just gets no benefit from it until he does qualify). Legionnaires are also trained in the use of weapons similar to their preferred arms. After level 4, a legionnaire is treated as having Weapon Focus for two weapons from the following list: short-spear, long-spear, javelin, trident, halberd, ranseur. At level 6, the legionnaire's drilling extends to the sabreknife, giving him Weapon Specialization (short-sword) and Weapon Focus for two weapons from the following list: dagger, kukri, scimitar, sickle, sap.

Loosened Armor: A Dragon Legionnaire, trained as he is to avoid hits, needs to be able to move properly. When wearing Medium Armor, this is... difficult. So, in order to increase his flexibility, a legionnaire of second level subtly alters the joints and connectors in his armor to ease their motion and make them fit better. While wearing his own armor, he may increase the max Dex bonus by +1 and reduced the armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum of 0.

Combat Veteran (Ex): At third level, a legionnaire begins to develop a sixth sense based on his prior experience. He adds one point of his Wisdom bonus per 3 class levels (+1 at 3rd, +2 at 6th, +3 at 9th) to his AC, all saves (this bonus stacks with his Wisdom bonus to Will saves), and his initiative rolls. He loses the benefit of this class feature any time he wears heavy armor or carries a heavy load. If a legionnaire gets the Combat Veteran ability from the Dragoon class, he does not get this ability and instead treats his Dragon legionnaire levels as more dragoon levels to determine the bonus.

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting: A legionnaire gains Improved Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat.

Girdle of Arms (Su): When the Ravnira High Command sends a cohort from the Dragon Legion on an assignment, they tell the legion commander what the mission is going to require and what weapons will be useful. For example, when High Command deployed the Prime Cohort (often called the Primären Drachen) deep behind enemy lines in the Second Mortein War, they ordered each legionnaire to bring with them their spear, another pole-arm (throwable), a zweihänder, three heavy knives (one being the sabreknife), two light knives (for throwing), a P-33, a flail-type weapon, and a sling. Granted, they didn't carry all of these weapons into battle with them, but they did all have to be usable weapons. Enchanting 11,000 weapons or more just to equip all of their Dragon Legionnaires would be extremely expensive and impractical. Instead, the Ravnira High Command issued belts to all moderately experienced legionnaires, each belt being enchanted with a simple spell. The belts allow a legionnaire to enchant his belt in lieu of his many weapons, and while wearing the belt all masterwork weapons wielded by the legionnaire are treated as having the same enchantments. These enchantments only apply to the weapons being used by the legionnaire (a belt-enchanted returning dagger would remain returning until it returns or someone else catches or steals it). The enchantments on the belt can be restricted enchantments (e.g. returning, seeking, vorpal), but they only apply to weapons that meet the enchantments requirements. If a weapon doesn't qualify for two or more enchantments on the girdle, it is treated as having an additional +1 enhancement modifier, to a maximum of +5 (pre-epic). So, for example, a legionnaire has a +3 vorpal seeking returning Girdle of Arms. If he holds a spear, it is +3 seeking returning when he throws it and +4 when he uses it in melee. If he holds a sabreknife, it is +4 vorpal, and if he holds a throwing axe it is +3 vorpal seeking returning.

Medium Armor Mobility (Ex):At fourth level a legionnaires speed penalty for medium armor is reduced by half (round up to the next 5 foot increment). For example, if his normal speed is 30 feet his armored speed is 25 feet (instead of 20) and if his base speed is 20, his armored speed is still 15 (half of a -5 penalty, rounded up, is still -5). In addition, he may use the Spring Attack feat in medium armor. If the legionnaire already gets the Medium Armor Mobility ability from the dragoon class, he instead gains Improved Medium Armor Mobility.

Drachenstil Maneuver (Ex): At 5th level, a legionnaire begins improving his Drachenstil. At 5th, 8th, and 10th levels a legionnaire may choose one maneuver to add to his Drachenstil.

  • Heckaufsetzer (Ex): While using Drachenstil, a legionnaire may, if he misses with a spear attack, make another attack with the butt of the spear against the same target with the same base attack bonus. This attack deals 1d6-1 (minimum 1) bludgeoning damage, and has a +1 to hit. the bonus to hit does not apply to foes with Uncanny Dodge.
  • Fliegenden Drachen (Ex): A legionnaire with this maneuver is better able to move while attacking using Drachenstil. In the process of making a full attack while using Drachenstil, a legionnaire may move up to 5ft in-between each attack. However, when doing this the legionnaire may only make one attack with his spear, but as many as he would normally have been allowed to with his sabreknife.
  • Stürmen (Ex): A similar maneuver to Fliegenden Drachen, a legionnaire with this maneuver is better able to move and then attack while using Drachenstil. The legionnaire is no longer banned from using Momentum Striker in conjunction with Drachenstil. However, the bonuses from Momentum Striker only apply to the legionnaire's spear while using Drachenstil, and only one attack can be made using Momentum Striker per round.
  • Drehen Festung (Ex): While using Drachenstil, a legionnaire with this maneuver may block and intercept attacks with his spear. He gains a +2 bonus to AC, and once per round when he would normally be hit with a ranged weapon, the legionnaire may deflect it so that he takes no damage from it. He must be aware of the attack, and not flatfooted. Attempting to deflect a ranged weapon doesn’t count as an action. Unusually massive ranged weapons and ranged attacks generated by spell effects can’t be deflected. A legionnaire loses the bonus to AC if he uses the Fliegenden Drachen maneuver.
  • Aufzählungszeichen (Ex): Some legionnaires specialize more in the use of ranged attacks with their spear and pistol than fighting in melee. This maneuver has three parts. First, a legionnaire using Drachenstil with his P-33 drawn can make all of his normal off-hand attacks granted by dual wielding without provoking attacks of opportunity. Second, a legionnaire who throws his spear may draw his sabreknife and make the rest of this primary hand attacks with it (if the spear is returning or teleporting, he may sheath his sabreknife and catch it as a free action on his next turn). The first attack with his sabreknife cannot be empowered with Drachenodem unless he did not empower his thrown spear. Third, a legionnaire wielding a sabreknife in his primary hand and a P-33 in his off-hand does not provoke attacks of opportunity by firing his P-33 in melee, even if he is not using Drachenstil.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Starting at 6th level, a legionnaire can react to danger before his senses would normally allow him to do so. He retains his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) even if he is caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. However, he still loses his Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized.

If a legionnaire already has uncanny dodge from a different class he automatically gains improved uncanny dodge instead.

This ability, unlike the rogue ability of the same name, is tied partially to armor. If an attack is a touch attack and the legionnaire is also flatfooted, he only gets half of his Dexterity to AC. If he is wearing light armor, he only gets half of his Dexterity to AC when flatfooted. If he is wearing heavy armor, he only gets half of his Dexterity to AC when flatfooted UNLESS the attack is also a touch attack, in which case he does not get any Dexterity to AC. Rogues cannot sneak attack him unless he does not get any Dexterity to AC.

Greater Two-Weapon Fighting: A legionnaire gains Greater Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): A legionnaire of 9th level or higher can no longer be flanked.

This defense denies rogues the ability to sneak attack the legionnaire by flanking him, unless the attacker has at least four more rogue levels than the target has Dragon Legionnaire levels.

If a legion already has uncanny dodge from a second class, the character automatically gains improved uncanny dodge instead, and the levels from the classes that grant uncanny dodge stack to determine the minimum rogue level required to flank the legionnaire.

This ability, unlike the rogue ability of the same name, is tied partially to armor. If an attack is a touch attack and the legionnaire is also flanked, the opponent gets half of the flanking bonus. If he is wearing light armor, the opponent gets half of the flanking bonus. If he is wearing heavy armor, the opponent gets half of the flanking bonus UNLESS the attack is also a touch attack, in which case the opponent gets the full flanking bonus. Rogues cannot sneak attack him unless they have the full flanking bonus.


Like a member of any other class, a legionnaire may be a multiclass character, but multiclass legionnaires face a special restriction. A legionnaire who gains a new class or (if already multiclass) raises another class by a level may never again raise her legionnaire level, though he retains all his legionnaire abilities.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a legionnaire[edit]

Combat: Traditional Dragon Legionnaires typically charge into battle, making good use of Momentum Striker, and then after the charge (but still on the same turn) they begin using Drachenstil. Once they are using Drachenstil, they work with fellow Legionnaires to kill the opponents as fast as possible. Some legionnaires who use the Aufzählungszeichen maneuver, known as Revolvermänner, hang back about 10ft and attack at range typically for every three traditional legionnaires, or "Blitzdrachen", there is one Revolvermänner. All four focus on attacking one opponent, but the Revolvermänner attack some of the foes around the primary target to keep them off of the Blitzdrachen. Every minute or so another wave of legionnaires approach. The first wave 5-foot-steps away from the foes, and then the second wave charges in to fill the open line. In individual combat, there are a few strategies. The aforementioned Revolvermänner, who specializes in ranged attacks, and Blitzdrachen who move and attack with the sabreknife and them apply Momentum Striker to their single spear attack. A slightly rarer tactic is found in Beschämtlegionär. They use a halberd instead of the classic spear. Beschämtlegionär don't use Drachenstil as mush as Blitzdrachen or Revolvermänner, relying more on the extra two attacks and higher damage. A few

Advancement: A Beschämtlegionär is the most likely form of legionnaire to drop the class early. The most common Beschämtlegionär progression is to start with 10 levels of dragoon, drop out of Dragon Legion after level 5, and take the next 5 levels of dragoon. Blitzdrachen and Revolvermänner will usually stay for the full 10 levels, though. Blitzdrachen are commonly dragoons, but fighters make a good showing as well. In general, starting with dragoon is for mobility and charging, starting with fighter is for feats. Yes, I realize that fighters are normally "for feats", but to Dragon Legionnaires it is more important than other characters. Because Dragon Legionnaire requires all five of the pre-10 feats, a character taking Dragon Legionnaire is really going to need extra feats.

Resources: Almost all pre-epic Dragon Legion adventurers are members of Cohort Eta. Cohort Eta has an ongoing assignment to travel as far and wide as possible and relay back their reconnaissance. If the adventurer is not from Eta company, he is either a Beschämtlegionär or is part of a century that has been assigned to act as commandos. Commandos are typically deployed in squads of two, and carry out small but important missions (e.g. find and kill the goblin king making troop deployments difficult). As for other legionnaires, below is a list of the general deployment of the "10" (there are actually 11) cohorts.

Dragon Legionnaire in the World[edit]

May our spears never cross but in alliance.
—Dmitry Romanovich Soldatsky, (defeated) human general of Mortein 6th Pike Legion

Depending on where the adventure is taking place or what its about, you may run into different Cohorts. If you are inside a city under siege, you might run into Theta Cohort. If your running a pirate campaign, Iota Cohort. In the middle of Morteim? Snachala Drakon. Ravnira capitol? Green Dragons. Killing goblin king to save the Duke's daughter? Delta Cohort. However, your not going to run into The Kraits in central Morteim. If your party runs into a cohort whose overall mission is helped by your quest, they might assign a squad to assist you.

Organization: The Dragon Legion is divided (nominally) into 10 cohorts. each cohort is further divided into 10 centuries, each of which has 10 people. One century in every Cohort is an Auxiliary Century, composed of Legionnaires in different classes to provide support in other areas of combat (e.g. mage, assassin). Each century is also divided into squads of 2 people. Each century is commanded by a Centurion. Each cohort is commanded by a Tribune Captain and a Spear Centurion. The Spear Centurion is also the Centurion for the first century in his cohort, but most management of the century falls to his Lieutenant Centurion (LtC). Each Spear Centurion is also designated by his cohorts numerical designation. Thus the Spear Centurion for the Prime Cohort is the First Spear, and the Spear Centurion for the Epsilon Cohort is Fifth Spear. The Tribune Captain's job is to make sure that the cohort executes its assignment and mange the logistics. He is also a fighter, but his first job is to 'govern' the cohort. The Spear Centurion's job is to command the cohort militarily and tactically. As far as discipline is concerned, the Spear Centurion acts as sheriff and detective, while the Tribune Captain acts as judge.

The Cohorts:

  • Alfa Cohort/Prime Cohort/Primären Drachen/Snachala Drakon/Red Dragons- deployed deep behind enemy lines
  • Beta Cohort/Gold Dragons- standard battles (flank assault)
  • Gama Cohort/Yellow Dragons- standard battles (flank assault)
  • Delta Cohort/Blue Dragons- elite law enforcement (think SWAT)
  • Epsilon Cohort/Royal Cohort/Green Dragons- elite guards the Ravnira King
  • Zeta Cohort/Silver Dragons- standard battles (forward assault)
  • Eta Cohort/Kundschafter Drachen/Razvedchik Drakon/Black Dragons- reconnaissance, espionage
  • Theta Cohort/Bronze Dragons- standard battles (fort protection)
  • Iota Cohort/Krait/Brass Dragons- amphibious combat and deployment. works closely with navy
  • Kappa Cohort/Dirty Dragons/Traitor Corps/Grey Dragons- standard battles (forward assault), "cleanup crew". *infamous for betraying Ravnira by joining Morteim in the Third Tatsuan War
  • Kappa (Prime) Cohort/K' (said "K Prime")/Lamda Cohort/Bleached Dragons/Brown Dragons- created after Kappa Cohort joined Tatsua. same jobs as Kappa.

Each cohort is has different banner. The banners for all of the cohorts is about two thirds made up of their "dragon color" with a wide silver stripe that narrows in the middle at the center of the banner. Zeta Cohort has instead a white and silver, Iota Cohort is just the Blue Dragon banner with a Gold raven and anchor in the middle.

Notables: The most famous and feared cohort of the Dragon Legion is Red Dragons. In the Second Mortein War, the actions of the Prime Cohort was pivotal in defeating Morteim and closing the Mortein Front (the Aasimar Front was still very much hot). The Tribune Captain of Alfa Cohort (at the time) was Hans Wolfstöter von Jassenberg, the third son of Count Otto von Jassenberg. The First Spear was Roger Braun, a yeoman from the far north of Ravnira, close to the Aasimar lands.

Second Mortein War: Events Leading Up To The Battle of Drakon Pass

The Red Dragons were deployed deep behind enemy lines, planning to capture military supply depots all over the Mortein countryside. They left from an allied nation called Lèchardè, which bordered both Morteim and Ravnira to the northwest. The plan was to have the Prime Cohort leave from Lèchardè while attacking with Beta Cohort along the eastern flank of the Mortein army. The feint was successful, pulling some of the Elite Mortein Pike Legions farther to the northeast. After the Mission was complete, the cohort was supposed to retreat back to Lèchardè. However, Morteim invaded and took control of Lèchardè a month and a half into the deployment. Then the 3rd and 4th Pike Legions began to hunt for the Red Dragons. Trapped in western Morteim, Hans von Jassenberg ordered the Cohort to go to ground. They took over an a old abandoned supply depot, which happened to be part of an old mine system. Over the course of the next year, the Primären Drachen lived off of the land while Hans and Roger (who together had created a device out of random pieces of junk found in the supply depot which allowed them to send signals back to Ravnira), waited for someone to detect them. Eventually the signal was detected, decoded, and reported to High Command by Jenka Übertakten, an Eisenmeister. After developing contact, High Command revealed that they did not have the resources to attempt an extraction. The Prime Cohort would have to weaken the Mortein from the inside. In order to do this, Alfa Cohort split into five teams and began using the mines to travel to other supply depots and capture them. Once a pair of centuries had captured a depot, they began to raid the military supply lines and civilian townships around the depot. Once a Pike legion showed up to stop them, the centuries would quietly go back into the mines and head back to Base Camp, the abandoned depot. The Red Dragons took careful measures to make sure that Base Camp was not discovered. After six months of constant raids, the entirety of southeastern Morteim had been abandoned by civilians, and the Prime Legion had lost three legionnaires. The 3rd, 4th, and 6th Pike Legions were now deployed entirely in the area effectively controlled by the Snachala Drakon, as the Mortein called the Prime Cohort. While discussing the situation with High Command, High Command revealed that if 3 of the spare Dragon Legion Cohorts pushed through Hawks Gorge, they could drive through the Snachala Drakon lands and into the capitol of Morteim, ending the war. The only problem was that the 8th Pike Legion and the 2nd Crossbow Legion were stationed at the Ravnira mouth of the gorge, and the 6th Pike Legion (the most elite of the pike legions) was about a mile south of the pass. In order to break through (and consequently extract the Prime Cohort), they would need the 2nd Crossbow Legion and the 6th Pike Legion occupied at the southern mouth of the pass. A plan developed. First, the Grey, Green, and Gold Dragons attacked the northern forces and then retreated, pulling the 6th Pike Legion northwards into Hawks Gorge. Then, the Red Dragons advanced from the south, and attacked the 6th Pike Legion from behind. Dmitry Romanovich Soldatsky, the famed general of the 6th legion, was barely able to get his legion to form ranks before the Red Dragons charged. In the initial battle, the Alfa Cohort lost 5 legionnaires, including the Tribune Captain, Hans von Jassenberg. The 6th legion lost 114 legionnaires, a testament to the power of the Dragon Legions. Hans accounted for 16 himself before the lashings on his spear-knife were cut. He then killed 12 more with the quarterstaff, sabreknife and his kukri before dying of blood loss. After the first bloody engagement, the Red Dragons fell back to the area known now as Drakon Pass, the narrowest point in Hawks Gorge, measuring at most 10 meters across for 30 meters strait. Under the command of Roger Braun, the Primären Drachen held off the 6th Pike Legion and three cohorts of the 2nd Crossbow Legion for 5 hours. After those five hours (with 44 more dead from Red Dragons, 1,604 more dead from the 6th Pike Legion, and 306 more dead from the 2nd Crossbow Legion) the Gray, Green, and Gold Dragons broke through the 8th Pike Legion and the other seven Crossbow Cohorts, forcing General Dmitry Soldatsky to surrender. The Red Dragons, now at a total strength of 47 legionnaires, limped back to into Ravnira. Roger Braun, now the Tribune Captain of Alfa Cohort, blamed himself for the 53 deaths of his cohort, especially that of Hans von Jassenberg. He has now become a Beschämtlegionär, one of the only to keep their commission.

NPC Reactions: Most NPCs have heard of the Battle of Drakon Pass, and respect and fear the Dragon Legions.

Dragon Legions Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (history) can research the Dragon Legion to learn more about it. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (history)
DC Result
11 Details of the Battle of Drakon Pass
16 Details of Command Structure and basic information about Drachenstil
21 Details about the individual Cohorts, specifics on Drachenstil and the maneuvers.
26 (anything relevant to campaign)

Dragon Legion in the Game[edit]


Sample Encounter:

EL whatever:

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