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Außenseiter Wars[edit]

First recorded events to take place on Paramýth. The naming of places and events was not done by the planetouched, and so nothing has a name yet during this phase of history. Thus, places are referred to by where they would be as of the Second Mortein War.

The Vackel Empire[edit]

First humans to appear on Paramýth. The current countries are descended from the Vackel Empire's princedoms.

The Fall of the Vake[edit]

Formation of current countries via revolt. Planetouched are given back their land.

Wars Prior to The Second Mortein War[edit]

Sets the stage for the Second Mortein War.

The Second Mortein War[edit]

Also known as The Great War, The Illusion War, and The Last Außenseiter War. The Second Mortein War is the largest war to happen in Paramýth, resulting in continent wide battles. The only countries not to participate are Vonaisu and Tatsua.

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