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Important NPC's[edit]

This section gives info about NPCs of importance. A few are historical figures, a few are near mythical heroes from history, and a few are just useful NPC names and backgrounds.

Merek Ill'sa[edit]

Started the Second Mortien War, founded Illusionary Weapons Master.

Dale Beltre[edit]

Star pupil of Master Ill'sa. Is in on the secrets of Merek's castle, and acts as an enforcer/guardian.

Ke Kyano[edit]

Tiefling soulknife thought to be from Sevatim. Taught Relit to use a mind blade. Taught Merek Ill'sa how to fight with a magic sword. Is of an unknown age and origin. Tends to appear and mentor a lot of future heroes. He is of unknown level and stats, appearing to be immensely powerful.

{if you use Ke Kyano in your campaign, don't have him stick around. He's always on the move}

Relit Braun[edit]

Relit Braun is one of the famous Reapers. Mentored by Ke Kyano in what was supposedly Ke Kyano's youth, Relit's primary lasting impact on Paramýth is the Rellit's Reapers vigilante cult and being the first of a long tradition of heroes in the Braun family.

John Krehl[edit]

John "Kensakura" Krehl, the Cherry Sword. Kensaruka is one of the famous Reapers, and the one to make the island of Nagai famous for their swordsmen, or Kenshi. All Kenshi wield cherry hilted swords in his honor. After defeating The Fönix, John returned to Nagai where he opened a monastery. He married an aasimar monk named Elaine Roz, and lived the rest of his life teaching at the monastery.

Kagan and Schalter[edit]

An elf and dwarf who travel together throughout western and northern Paramýth, providing entertainment and merchant goods. Kagan is tall, thin, and charismatic, playing the Lyre for money, while Schalter is short, thick, and gruff, managing the goods. He sells alcohol, forged goods, and hot food from the pair's wagon. While most people in northwestern Paramýth have heard of them, few know the truth about the pair; Kagan is the dwarf, and Schalter is the elf. Most presume the opposite.

Edmond Tarlsson ("Eddy the Black")[edit]

Edmond Tarlsson is a raider from Kallaten, well known for his exploits among the Sevatin barrier islands. He was the first pirate to make use of the Menedek gap. As such, he is sometimes known as Ed Menedin. He is known for his black mustache, which is grown into his sideburns but leaves his chin smooth, as well as his black overcoat and black bicorn hat. His ship is a dual keeled Kallaten longship. It is wider and shallower than a traditional longship, and is significantly more stable, allowing for heavier prow cannons. He is the most infamous Kallaten raider, and is the classic example of one. Most Raiders model themselves after him, wearing a bicorn and wearing an overcoat. None, however, dare to infringe upon the Black Mustache.

Janus Jensen[edit]

Janus Jensen is the son of Janus Riatsen, son of Rattan Mortsen, son of Mortimer Andresen. He is an Ais farmer in Vonaisu, the only member of the Zamorjen tribe of foreign decent. Mortimer Andresen was admitted into the tribe after proving his worth in trial by combat. Jensen is only important because his family provides a good example of Dwarvic naming conventions. Janus is a common name in Paramýth, and thus Jensen is a common patronymic name. Not all people use their patronymic, but all are given one.


Bliltlth'r is a Kallaten Tchrelenite, commonly referred to as Bill. He, like most Tchrelenites, took a cultist name as a sign of allegiance to Chrlnkhlahl. Bliltlth'r still lives in southeastern Kallaten, and is considered an oddity by his home town. They consider him more of an entertainment and "town idiot" than a threat to their way of life. He refuses to speak Common, and instead speaks in gibberish, often making sounds that those who surround him cannot replicate, and the townspeople commonly joke about injuring themselves trying to do so.

More to come...[edit]

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