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Physical Description


Bloodravens resemble humans but possess large black wings that can release opposable claws made of solidified blood. They also are known to have some arrangement of black feathers on their head mixed with their hair. The arrangement and management of these feathers is a thing of pride for them.


Bloodravens stem from the pseudo-god named Rev. Rev was a typical raven, until it came face to face with a god, and was blessed with a part of its wisdom. Rev immediately entered into a cocoon of energy, and when it emerged, it dedicated itself to the protection of the forest it resided in. After coming out of the cocoon, Rev was the size of a giant, with an aurora of light radiating its every feather. It also had full control of its blood, which it used to form opposable claws from its wings. They looked like dark red gems. After guarding the forest for many years, it decided that it needed slumber to contemplate the universe. It shed its blood and soul, creating two children to guard the forest in its steed. It called the child of blood, a Bloodraven, and the released soul became its daughter, Nitrix. The Bloodraven took on the form of a small Rev, with claws of blood that could form from their wings, but lacked the radiant light. Nitrix was just a ball of radiant chaotic light until it saw the form of humans. She then took the form of a woman, and from time to time, would greet the passing humans, slowly learning their language and ways over thousands of years. (See Nitrixian for more details) While Nitrix took to guarding the forest naturally, the Bloodraven constantly struggled with its desire to leave the forest and forge its own path. When Rev entered its deep slumber, he attempted to keep his duty while being free. He struck down a raven of the forest, absorbed its blood, then split itself in two. Nitrix found him and seeing how he went against his duty, banished one of the two Bloodraven. The one that remained was carefully managed by its sister, only allowed to act as a fighting force when the forest was invaded, but the one that was banished continued to absorb and split itself outside of the forest. It wasn't until one of it absorbed its first human that it realized, it was no longer thee Bloodraven, it was, someone new. All those copies began to realize the same thing as time passed, that they were becoming different from each other, like the creatures they preyed upon. They began to take names, control small areas of land, and absorbing others all but stopped. Sometime later, two factions arose, those that wanted to return to their duty, and those that wanted to become more human. The ones that wanted to return did so, becoming underlings to the first Bloodraven, which they would name, Bane. The ones that wanted to embrace humanity changed their bodies, absorbing recently dead corpses to match the human form. They kept their wings that they were so familiar with, but these major changes to their form reduced their ability to control it. They could still change, but it took much much longer and wasted more blood. These new Bloodraven, humans with clawed wings, would integrate with society and parent new mortal born Bloodravens.


The Bloodravens adapt to the societies they are in, but after reaching adulthood, they feel uneasy staying in the same place for too long. They feel the need to move, to travel, even if its a path they've already tread. Most become adventurers, but they're also known to take up jobs as merchants, scouts, messengers, or even hunters. Most mortal born Bloodravens grow up without their Bloodraven parent fully present. The lucky ones have a parent that takes on a travelling job, but many end up abandoning their children, unable to find work that would allow them to return often. Because of their odd nature, and small population, most people, including mortal born Bloodravens, don't fully know what they are. They are often ostracized for their wings and become quick to anger. Elders say it's in the blood. True born Bloodravens that have changed to human form tend to have taken on short simple names. Mortal born Bloodravens often have names associated with air, or end sounding in (Ar).

Bloodraven Names

True Born: Bane, Lok, Dav, Ack, Rek, Olm, Jak

Mortal Born: Aidar, Cloud, Ava, Nizar, Alemar, Sky

Bloodraven Traits

The Bloodravens are a race of winged humanoids with claws that come out of their wings.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. Reach maturity at age 18. If born of a mortal, they live anywhere from 100 to 800 years.
Alignment. They are able to be any alignment but lean towards Chaotic.
Size. Bloodravens vary widely in height and build, from barely 5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Your base flight speed is 40 feet. When your claws are out your flight speed is 20ft.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Clawed Wings. You have a pair of strong wings that grant you a flying speed of 40 feet. If you are wearing armor you are not proficient in or any Medium or Heavy armor, you may not fly. In addition, as a bonus action, you release or retract your claws from your wings. They appear as dark red, crystal-like shapes, and are made of solid blood but can bend as needed. They resemble 3 fingers piercing the end of the wing, and a thumb piercing the inner side. You are proficient with attacks made with these claws, which deal 1d4 slashing damage on a hit and have a reach of 10 feet. You may choose to use either you Strength or Dexterity modifier.
Keen Eyes. You are proficient in the Perception skill.
Agile Nature. You are proficient in the Acrobatics skill.
Aerial Maneuvers. As a reaction, when you would be hit by a ranged attack, you may attempt to dodge out of the way by making a Dexterity saving throw, the DC is equal to the attacks roll. On a success, the attack misses. Otherwise, the attack hits as normal. You must complete a long rest before you can use this trait again.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Auran.

Bloodraven Fast Facts/Additional Options

Bloodraven's humanoid body can be that of an Elf, Orc, or Human. Any other base race possesses incompatible blood. Homebrew base races depend on the DM.

If your chosen racial appearance is an Orc, you can take Orcish as your second language. If your chosen racial appearance is an Elf, you can take Elvish as your second language. This replaces Auran.

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