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The sea hag is a general term for a variety of evil aquatic fey who resemble women. Sometimes they can be deceptively beautiful, like the undine. Other times, they may look like a mermaid, with piscine features, like the greater variety. For the most part, they all share the properties of magic and live in the same habitats of swamps, lakes and ponds.


A player knows the following information with a successful dungeoneering check.

DC 15: Sea hags are typically so ugly that their gaze can stun.

DC 20: Like other hags, sea hags commune in groups of three.


Sea hags commonly commune with others of their kind, forming a coven of up to three. They are otherwise usually solitary and tend to lurk before attacking. Undine tend to be more solitary. Greater sea hags may command common sea hags as their grannies or aunties.

Sea Hag[edit]

Sea Hag
Level 10 Lurker
Medium Fey Humanoid (aquatic)
XP 500
HP 81; Bloodied 40; see also shiv Initiative +11
AC 24; Fortitude 21, Reflex 24, Will 23 Perception +7
Speed 6, swim 8 darkvision
Horrific Appearance ♦ Aura 6
An enemy humanoid that starts its turn in the aura that can see and is not blinded for the first time must pass a Will save (DC 18) or be scared helpless for 1 minute (save ends).
Standard Actions
Ranged.png Dagger (Weapon)♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: Ranged 5/10; +15 vs. AC
Hit: 1d4 + 5 damage
Basicmelee.png Claw (Necrotic)♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +15 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 6 damage
Melee.png Shiv ♦ Standard; Recharges when first bloodied
Effect: A sea hag makes two dagger attacks against the same target. If both dagger attacks hit, the sea hag deals an additional 5 damage to the target.
Ranged.png Death Glare (Gaze)♦ Standard; Recharge D6 (5).pngD6 (6).png
Attack: Range 6 (one creature); +8 vs. Will
Effect: Target drops to 0 hit points
Minor Actions
Change Shape (Polymorph)♦ Minor; At-Will
Effect: A sea hag can alter its physical form to appear as female of any Medium humanoid race (see Change Shape, MM page 280).
Triggered Actions
Skills Bluff +14, Intimidate +14, Stealth +14
Str 12 (+6) Dex 21 (+10) Wis 14 (+7)
Con 15 (+7) Int 14 (+7) Cha 19 (+9)
Alignment Evil Languages Common, Elven
Equipment 2 daggers

The typical sea hag is an ugly being with a rancid smell hovering out from their warty skin. Their hair is limp and seaweed-like, and their skin complexion is like that of rotting fish. Sea hag eyes look like that of a dead fish. They are so abysmally and universally ugly that their visage sometimes will kill the weaker of heart.

Beyond ambush, sea hags are hardly subtle. They hide or disguise themselves to draw in prey before striking. They use their glare as much as possible to capitalize on their horrid appearance, which renders prey helpless and even dead. Sea hags preferred not to use melee combat if possible, and rarely use their claws, instead preferring to use weapons like daggers.


Level 7 Controller
Medium Fey Humanoid (aquatic)
XP 300
HP 83; Bloodied 41; see also Hateful Glare Initiative +7
AC 21; Fortitude 18, Reflex 21, Will 20 Perception +10
Speed 6, swim 8 Low-light vision
Resist 10 poison
Vulnerable 5 lightning
Beguiling Beauty (Charm)♦ Aura 1
Creatures who end their turn in the aura and can see the undine must pass a Will save of 15 or become charmed. Charmed targets cannot attack the undine, and if the target is adjacent to the undine, when the undine is targeted by a melee or a ranged attack, the target interposes itself and becomes the target of the attack instead. The effects last until the succubus or one of its allies attacks the target or until the undine dies.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Claw ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +19 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 4 damage
Melee.png Dominate (charm)♦ Standard; Recharge D6 (4).pngD6 (5).pngD6 (6).png
Attack: one creature within aura; +10 vs. Will
Effect: The target is dominated until the end of the undine’s next turn.
Minor Actions
Change Shape (Polymorph)♦ minor; At-Will
Effect: An undine can alter its physical form to appear as a young woman of any Medium humanoid race (see Change Shape, page 280).
Basicmelee.png Water Tentacle ♦ Minor; At-Will
Attack: +10 vs AC
Hit: The target is grabbed (until escape).
Effect: A target trying to escape the grab takes a –4 penalty to the check.
Triggered Actions
Area.png Hateful Glare (Charm, Gaze)♦ Immediate reaction; Encounter
Trigger: The undine is bloodied for the first time
Attack: Close blast 3 (creatures in blast); +10 vs. Will
Hit: Targets become dominated by the undine until the end of their next turn.
Miss: The target is helpless until the end of the undine's next turn.
Skills Diplomacy +11, Insight +10, Nature +10
Str 15 (+5) Dex 19 (+7) Wis 18 (+7)
Con 12 (+4) Int 16 (+6) Cha 19 (+7)
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common, Elven

Unlike the usual sea hag, undines are not so ugly and sometimes even quite beautiful without the aid of illusions. They still have seaweed hair and pale, bluish skin, but with softer maiden-like features rather than piscine. The reason they are lumped in with sea hags is their vicious temperament, as they remain hunters who charm other beings into their cold, watery grasp. Undine are vengeful lovers and extremely vindictive. If one is unfortunate to become the apple of their eye, they will rarely be able to leave their clutches.

Undine prefer to charm their prey into being helpless before ensnaring them with their watery tentacles. Using their terrain, they sometimes go to drown their capture. While they do have the natural means to defend themselves, they prefer to do so only as a last resort. To them, the domination of the mind and heart is better than that of battle. When they are driven into a corner, they reveal their gaze as their ultimate weapon, which can render attackers completely under their control or even drive them insane.

Greater Sea Hag[edit]

Greater Sea Hag
Level 12 Solo Controller
Medium Fey Humanoid (aquatic)
XP 3,500
HP 610; Bloodied 305 Initiative +8
AC 25; Fortitude 26, Reflex 24, Will 27 Perception +12
Speed 6, swim 10 Low-light Vision
Immune charm
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Debilitating Ugliness ♦ Aura 1
Any creature that begins its turn in the aura has a -4 penalty to attack rolls and Fortitude saves
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Claw ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +17 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 7 damage
Basicmelee.png Shortsword ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +17 vs. AC
Hit: 1d6 + 7 damage
Melee.png Double Attack ♦ Standard; At-Will
Effect: The greater sea hag makes two shortsword attacks.
Basicranged.png Magic Missile (Force)♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20; +17 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d4 + 7 force damage
Minor Actions
Ranged.png Ghastly Visage (Fear, Gaze)♦ Minor; Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Ranged 5; +17 vs. Will
Effect: The target cannot attack the greater sea hag until the end of its next turn and is immobilized (save ends).
Ranged.png Compel (Charm)♦ Minor; At-Will
Attack: Ranged 10; +17 vs. Will
Effect: Target slides up to 5 squares closer to the greater sea hag.
Change Shape (Polymorph)♦ Minor; At-Will
Effect: A greater sea hag can alter its physical form to appear as female of any Medium humanoid race (see Change Shape, MM page 280).
Skills s Bluff +21, Diplomacy +16, Insight +19, Intimidate +16, Nature +17
Str 18 (+10) Dex 22 (+12) Wis 16 (+9)
Con 20 (+11) Int 15 (+8) Cha 20 (+11)
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common, Elven
Equipment 2 shortswords

Greater sea hags are more powerful and controlling than the average sea hag. They command their covens as "aunties" or "grannies" and have been known to be even fishier in appearance. This aids with their preferred prey of sailors, who they lure in with the appearance of mermaids and nereids. It is said their lairs are so foul that sharks will usually avoid the waters near it. Despite their control powers, they do often remain solitary hunters.

Because they lack a death gaze that common sea hags have, greater sea hags instead rely on their magic of charm and illusion. They usually use these powers to lure a victim close before revealing their true form. Within such close proximity, many prey lose their strength to fight as they gaze upon her ugliness. They also have a good deal of magic spells and even psionic powers to use on those who are at a range. When in close melee, they prefer to use daggers and shortswords, capitalizing on their authentic ogre-like strength.

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