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You are a person looking to change the society around you by playing in the arena of politics. You have a very sociable personality and words come easy to you. Inside, your mind is filled with strategies and dialectics. Maybe you have the silvertongue or bottomless guile and can lead a mob to do your every bidding. Perhaps you are an ex-vizier of the king, looking to foment an insurrection against the monarchy. What got you into this cutthroat practice of weaving words and promises? Are you a politician for the good of the people, or one out to satisfy your own desires?

Skill Proficiencies: Deception and Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit and Calligrapher's supplies

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: Fine clothes, a "fancy" ring worth 5 gp, a political manifesto you helped write, and a pouch containing 20 gp


What is the world you envision to create through policy?

d6 Specialization
1 Democracy
2 Dictatorship
3 Egalitarianism
4 Anarchy
5 Monarchy
6 Theocracy

Feature: Risen to Prominence[edit]

People find you have a noticeable presence. They may stop you frequently and ask you where they have seen you. You are seen as a very approachable person in general and random passerby will be drawn to speak with you if they see you. If someone is in need of something or in distress, they will likely open up to you about their problems very easily.

Alternate Feature: Political Presence[edit]

You are commonly taken for face value as a person of great standing. People will likely treat you like a noble or assume you of that lineage. You can attain audiences with nobles or officials easily, as they may often see you as one of their circle.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Politicians are rumored to be wicked and blackhearted. Do you want to prove the rumors right or wrong?

d8 Personality Trait
1 Listen to me! Look at me!
2 I am the only one capable of making a better world.
3 I want to take over the country! The current administration is a heap of dung!
4 The people deserve better. I will be their guiding hope.
5 I'm looking out only for myself here in this dog-eat-dog world.
6 I'm very patient and can conceal my inner discomforts easily.
7 I'm esoteric, meaning I'm better than these uncultured swine surrounding me.
8 I'm looking to shake things up a bit in the world, that's all.
d6 Ideal
1 Dictator. I will become the sole, undisputed leader of this country.
2 Equality. This world needs to care more about the least advantaged. (Good)
3 Humanity. I will fight for what is morally acceptable. (Good)
4 Rational Self Interest. I only need to survive this industry. (Neutral)
5 Legacy. I will make my ancestors proud!
6 Divine Rule. I am one sent from God to make my throne in this earthly environment.
d6 Bond
1 I have family to whom I promised I would change the world.
2 Friends? I only see others as means to reach my ends. (evil)
3 I remember the old days with other old timers, when things were different and better.
4 We all need to work together to unify and achieve the goal best for everyone. (good)
5 The world is but a bunch of connections. I need as many as possible to achieve my goals. (chaotic)
6 I'll help, in exchange for favors after.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm a pathological liar. And I break promises a lot.
2 I am VERY indecisive.
3 My methods are very inhumane despite my best intentions.
4 I don't like pain. I'd rather run than ever fight. Actually, I just let others fight my battles.
5 I ... actually have stage fright.
6 I was embroiled in a scandal that can well ruin my public image FOREVER.

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