Ailawin Spirit of Spring (5e Deity)

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Ailawin, Spirit of Spring[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Light, Nature, Life
Divine Rank. Demigod

Titles, epithets and pseuponyms. Apple Blossom, Willow Down

Pantheon. The Blithe Spirits of Everholm

Gender. Female

Portfolio. Spring, renewal, love, birth

Ailawin is the halfling goddess of spring. She is the patron of mothers, lovers and children.


Of all the Blithe Spirits, Aliawin is least halfling-like in appearance. Her presence is like that of a youthful elf-maid with spring flowers in her and wearing a gown of gossamer.

Her favoured colours are light greens, pinks and yellows.


Ailawin is an ancient deity of Everholm who predates the rise of King Jollity. Though her power has diminished in the pantheon of Everholm she remains a deity of significance, unlike her sister spirits; Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Ailawin is celebrated figure in halfling communties, but they do not build churches or temples in her honour. Female halflings looking for love or hoping for pregnancy will go into a forest and bury an apple with their heart's desire carved into the skin.

Spring Festival[edit]

The Spring Festival is of great importance in the halfling calendar, second only to the Harvest Festival. Thanks to Ailawin forms an important part of the ceremonies, great congregations of hallflings take a pilgrimage to wild places of great beauty and leave offerings in her honour.

Clerics and Druids[edit]

Ailawin sponsors very few clerics all of whom are female. Clerics of Ailawin are a little too sensuous for 'steady' halflings and often considered a little touched.

Druids of both sexes hold a deep affection for Ailawin.

Divine Interventions[edit]

As a minor deity Ailawin has little power in the material realm and does not interfere in the machinations of greater gods. Her visits to the material plane are rare and she pays little attention to the many cares of mortals.

She is known to leave love potions for unrequitted lovers to charm their intended. Those potions should be used with caution as pregancy with twins or triplets is often the result.

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