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King Jollity[edit]

Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Order, Light, Peace
Divine Rank. Demigod

Titles, epithets and pseuponyms. Ol’ Round Belly, King of Everholm, Father of Underhall, Master of the Feast

Pantheon. The Blithe Spirits of Everholm

Gender. Male

Portfolio. Comfort, Satiety, Happiness, Joy

King Jollity is the halfling god of joy that is ruler of the lesser divine realm of Everholm and the primary god of six demigods in the pantheon of the Blithe Spirits. He is a paragon of halfling virtues; of generosity, happiness and mirth.

As the King of Everholm he presides over the never-ending feast in Underhall, the greatest halfling burrow that ever was.


King Jollity appears as a middle-aged halfling with a wide round belly and wearing a crown. His face is broad and magnanimous with a warm smile. On rare visits to the material plane he is known to take the guise of bent old man with long white sideburns. His clothing favours red, green and brown.


The story of King Jollity is one of redemption. Originally he was a mortal halfling king whose name is forgotten. As king he lived his most his life as a miserly curmudgeon whose people lived in dour melancholy. The people cried out to the Spirits of the Seasons for help. The Spirits came together to teach the miserable king a lesson. Each visited the king in turn and he lived three years in a day. The Spirit of Spring showed him the spring of the past, the spring of the present and the spring of futures to come. And so the Spirit of Summer, the Spirit of Autumn and the Spirit of Winter.

After the visits the king was a changed man. He lived his few remaining years the epitome of generosity and happiness and his people were lifted in spirit. His reign became was the happiest one either before or since.

King Jollity ascended to the heavens after his death and is reknown grew. Eventually he was raised to demigod status and superseded the Spirits of the Seasons as the ruler of Everholm.


Although halfling communities revere King Jollity they do not raise churches or temples in his name. It is traditional to offer a toast to King Jollity at feasts, festivals and all celebrations and Halflings are expected to be extremely generous when hosting such events in his honour. If they are not so generous then can earn King Jollity's disfavour and they may expect a visit from Odo the Fool.


Clerics of King Jollity are few and far between, though seen as odd mystics by halfling society they are always honoured guests at a feast. Clerics of King Jollity are like unto Bards and tell many a tale of the good king, they are also quick to jest, laugh loudest and the first to dance on the tables. And who knows if the feast is generous and mirthful enough, that cleric might just be Ol' Round Belly himself in disguise.

Divine Interventions[edit]

As a minor deity King Jollity has little power in the material realm and does not interfere in the machinations of greater gods. His visits to the material plane are rare and disguised, usually this is only in the direst of need or to chastise the most hardened misers.

He is known to deliver miraculous feasts to the needy and reward the generous with good luck and greater prosperity.

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