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The Blithe Spirits are six demigods that reside in the divine realm of Everholm. They of mostly good alignment and are revered by halfling communities throughout the land.

For many halflings Everholm is the heaven to which they aspire. Everholm is a realm of comfort; a realm of good food, drink, warmth, song and laughter. In Everholm there are golden fields of wheat, rolling emerald hills, warm sunshine and cool breezes.

At centre of this realm is Underhall, the burrow of plenty. Room upon room of Underhall is filled with beer and mead, cheeses and golden butter, bread and sweet treats, roasted meats, jam and honey. Best of all, the room of greatest abundance and the greatest cheer, is the hall of King Jollity.

The Blithe Spirits[edit]

King Jollity

Grandma Myrna

Ailawin, Spirit of Spring

Farmer Oggan

Odo the Fool

Roberd Goodhand


King Jollity is the most powerful of the Blithe Spirits and is the King of Everholm, however most decisions about the realm are deferred to the wisdom of Grandma Myrna. The Blithe Spirits have genial relationship with each other, each demigod keeps to its own sphere of influence and they remain harmonious. Occasionally all six attend the feasts of King Jollity, where all are welcomed.

Outside of the Blithe Spirits there a number of lesser beings that reside in Everholm. The most prominent of these are the spirits of summer, autumn and winter, whose power has faded and their names forgotten.


The demigods of Everholm are minor deities that can exert little power on the material plane. They exist as paragons of halfling ideals and do not seek to gain power and influence. Visits to the material plane are rare and usually disguised. On occasion a small boon might be gifted to a halfling in great need or those that please the spirits.


The spirits are not systematically worshipped and no churches are raised in their honour. The names of the gods are called out in time of need, on festival days and to give thanks. Those wishing to appeal to the Blithe Spirits for divine intervention build a shrine and place about it offerings of food and potent herbs. Such observances are seen as desperate and pitiful to most in the halfling community. Clerics that have a spirit as a patron are unusual and have no surrounding organisation. Halflings regard these clerics as odd mystics that are out-of-touch with rest of society.


Everholm was originally home to nature spirits. Primary of which were the spirits of the seasons. Over time worship of them diminished and new gods came to prominence.

The Blithe Spirits are in some part mortals that gained great notoriety in life and ascended to Everholm. As their legends grew they gained in power and eventually superseded the original deities.

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