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Farmer Oggan[edit]

Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Peace, Nature, Order
Divine Rank. Demigod

Titles, epithets and pseuponyms. Farmer O, Ol’ Spade Hands

Pantheon. The Blithe Spirits of Everholm

Gender. Male

Portfolio. Agriculture, animal husbandry, hard work perseverance

Farmer Oggan is the halfling god of Agriculture and the harvest. He is the patron of halfling farmers and gardeners.


Farmer Oggan appears as middle-aged halfling with floppy felt hat.

Favoured colours are browns and dark green.


The story goes that Farmer Oggan was a mortal halfling who was a gifted farmer. He became famous in his community for how productive his lands were. The other villagers became jealous and it came to pass that the sheriff of the shire evicted Oggan believing that the soil must be blessed. Farmer Oggan could only afford to find a poor patch of mire to start anew. The following year the stolen lands were barren, but Oggan's patch was a bountiful as his farm had ever been. The sheriff can came to Oggan on bended knee pleading forgiveness and begging for his secret. Farmer Oggan replied that the only secret was hard work.

Farmer Oggan's story became a tenet of halfling farmers and gardeners and many made pleas in his name. Oggan ascended to Everholm and quickly was raised to demi-god status.


Farmer Oggan is widely revered amongst halflings, but they raise no temples or churches in his honour. Prayers and similar pleas go against Farmer Oggan's tenet of hard work and are considered profane. However shrines to give thanks to Farmer Oggan are common in halfling marketsquares, where donations of fresh produce are left as donations for the sick and the infirm.

Harvest Festival[edit]

The autumn harvest festival is where halfling celebrate and give thanks to Farmer Oggan and is the most important festival in the halfling calendar.


Clerics of Farmer Oggan are few and far between. Usually they are the wise old heads of the community supporting other farmers with their knowledge.

Divine Interventions[edit]

Farmer Oggan has little power in the material realm and does not interfere in the machinations of greater gods. When he does visit the material plane he uses his influence to reduce the impact of natural disasters on halfling communities.

He is also known to leave gifts of tools and seeds to the destitute and the needy.

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