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Roberd Goodhand[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Protection, War
Divine Rank. Demigod

Titles, epithets and pseuponyms. Roberd the Brave, Hero of Greenvale

Pantheon. The Blithe Spirits of Everholm

Gender. Male

Portfolio. Heroism, youth

Roberd Goodhand is the halfling hero god. He is the patron of halfling fighters and militia.


Roberd appears as a dashing young halfling lad with a sling and a stave of hazel.

His favoured colours are rich blues and greens.


Roberd was a young farm lad when a party of goblin wolf riders came down from the mountains to raid the village of Greenvale. When the dozen riders swept out of the forest, Roberd, picked up his sling and grabbed a stave of hazel and ran to face them. The goblins could not stand before him, in a few moments many of them lay dead and the rest ran in fear and never returned.

The legend of Roberd Goodhand grew and he ascended to Everholm and demigod status.


The tale of Roberd Goodhand is very popular amongst halfling communities, halfling children often can be found reenacting his great victory with staves of hazels. Appeals for strength and bravery are made to Brave Goodhand before battle, but halflings raise no churches or temples in his honour.

Constables and sheriffs of the shires often wear symbols in his honour and are commonly known as 'Goodhands'.


Clerics of Roberd Goodhand are rare, usually only patronised in halfling communities close to the wildlands. These clerics are the most accepted within halfling lands.

Divine Interventions[edit]

As a minor deity Roberd Goodhand has little power in the material realm and does not interfere in the machinations of greater gods. He thought to imbue his spirit to brave halflings in times of need.

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