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Lords of the Ten Towers[edit]

Alignment. unaligned*
Domains. Knowledge, Trickery
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

The Lords of the Ten Towers are gods of The Dream from the Sanctuary's Lot Setting.

About the Lords, much is written, little is known, and nothing is certain.

All of the gods of Dream are mysterious, with frequently opaque motivations. But, the Lords of the Ten Towers are all but incomprehensible.

They took no part in Santuary's Purge. Indeed, there is no mention of them until the 8th century (p.v.). It has been argued persuasively that whatever connection Sanctuary, Rune, and Monolyth bear, The Lords do not share it. That they represent some, even more alien presence from deep within the Dream.

They seem to act collectively at times, singly at others. The significance of the ten distinct towers is unknown. Are the towers their homes? Their origins? Source of power? Are the towers themselves sapient, somehow?

It isn't clear.

Nor is the distinction between them. The philosopher Addyen the Green of Imbriem in the 23rd century (p.v.) claimed to have discovered the names of all ten towers. More recently the enigmatic magician, Wraith, made the same claim.

Addyen listed them as follows:

  • The Tower of Allurement
  • The Tower of Reflection
  • The Tower of Lucidity
  • The Tower of Constraint
  • The Tower of Nascency
  • The Tower of Indistinctness
  • The Tower of Eloquence
  • The Tower of Uncertainty
  • The Tower of Trepidation
  • The Tower of Vacuousness

The accuracy of Addyen's list, and the meaning of these titles is unknown. All accounts depicting The Lords of the Ten Towers are mystifying, vague, and often contradicting of other narratives.

What is known, is that they are attributed with giving Volusytch, the secret language of sorcerers, to humanity. They seem to be a potent source of magical lore. They always communicate through dream-spirit intermediaries. Their messages have frequently had profound effects on events. And there are no credible sources claiming to have seen or directly spoken with any of The Lords.

Everything else is speculation.

1. the moral and ethical alignments of the gods of dream are incomprehensibly alien to mortal minds

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