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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Trickery, Grave
Divine Rank. Demigod


Ulian is a demigod of trickery and graves. Before his death, Ulian loved to make people happy. He loved pulling pranks on those that he thinks deserved it, and overall was usually mischievous. Near the time of his death, his soul started to become corrupt, and he started hurting the people he cared about. He was killed in an accident involving a spell. Ulian found peace in death, and now wants to guide other corrupted and tormented souls when they die, so they can also be at peace.


He resides in a simple home in Arborea, where he greets the tortured and corrupted to make them be at peace


Ulian appears as a young child, with dark skin and long puffy dreads. He wears a purple wool poncho and simple clothing. He usually has his raccoon Flynn with him.


There aren't many worshippers, as he isn't very well known.

Other facts[edit]

  • Favourite Weapon: Spear
  • Animal Affiliation: Raccoon
  • Favourite Instrument: Piano

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