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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Tougal is the neutral good God of Fighters and Dragonborn.

  • He resides in the Celestial plane alongside Bahomet, but makes frequent visits to the material plane on Bahomets decree
  • He is depicted as a copper Dragonborn, with wings and a tail. His avatars are often young copper
  • He is fairly neutral to all, but has an undying love and servitude towards Bahomet
  • He is worshipped through acts of martial prowess and unusual feets of strength and bravery. His clerics are few and far between, mainly war priests with great strength. His places of worship are mountain tops and scenes of epic battlss
  • In times of great need be may descend to the material plane to sway the tide of battle
  • It is said that, when he was taken up to Bahomet, that his mighty flail shattered into a hundred pieces, each of them falling to different places in Faerun. The bearer of such a shard will have untold blessings bestowed upon them

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