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Alignment. unaligned*
Domains. Knowledge, Life
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Monolyth is one of the gods of The Dream from the Sanctuary's Lot Setting.

Considered to be a personification of civilisation, particularly the urban remains of the last civilisation. Monolyth is the living memory of cities.

Monolyth entered the world shortly after Rune. Manifesting as a colossal, hovering figure in a shapeless gray ecclesiastical robe. Monolyth's avatar had no head, but floating above its shoulders was an angular abstract sculpture, seemingly made from concrete. Shortly afterwards, Monolyth's form rapidly dissipated into turbulent, dark gray mist that rapidly flew from city to city. At each city, the mist scattered and thinned throughout the city' heart. Odd manifestations would be noted: unidentified noises like rapid knocking or pealing bells, buildings moved (sometimes dramatically), streets rerouted themselves, and walls and other permanent structures moulded themselves to shapes suggesting human features (hands, faces, torsos).

At each city visited, the Strangers were driven out. Each place that had been touched by Monolyth became a place creatures from The Dark avoided.

Less active that other Dream deities, nonetheless, the efficacy of Monolyth's powers can yet be seen today: many buildings (and some whole cities) that Monolyth touched are still a bane to The Dark more than four millennia later. Its lesser creatures simply cannot enter the places that bear Monolyth's blessing.

1. the moral and ethical alignments of the gods of dream are incomprehensibly alien to mundane mortal minds

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