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Alignment. Lawful Evil
Domains. Death, War
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Shadow's Life Story[edit]

The Shadow was born out of the darkness of empty space. He was alone for years until the first star had born another being, Etheria. When the young Shadow saw that girl, he instantly became attached to her, showering her in love and teaching her how to do magic. Even though her magic was light and his was dark, the Shadow was fine with that. Together, the 2 of them had 4 daughters, Ferra, Kerra, Lily and Lilith, all born at around the same time on a stormy day and each named for their apparently opposite abilities. Even at birth, Ferra and Kerra were interested in different things, as were Lilith and Lily. After a few years, the Shadow and Etheria decided to go their separate ways, Etheria welcome those worthy into Elysium and the Shadow condemning those guilty to Hades and the Nine Hells. You can still find the Shadow on his throne in Hades, planning the downfall of humanity. But Etheria loves him anyway.

Shadow's Family Life[edit]

Despite his want to control all of reality, his life with his family is very good. He sees his daughters frequently and him and Etheria set dates in Mechanus or Limbo, whatever they feel like doing that day. Even thousands of years after the birth of their children, they still have more to learn about each other. The Shadow couldn't be prouder of his liar daughter, Kerra, or his intellectual one, Ferra, but for different reasons.

Shadow's Cerics[edit]

The Shadow's clerics are very dark ones, finding the worst possible circumstance in everything. Many of them find themselves either depressed or depressing others while doing their dark deeds. Many times, these clerics, when they have saved a town or the like, will ask for something in return, such as an item from a deceased loved one or a pint of blood. The Shadow's favorite spell is power word kill to harvest the souls of the guilty. His favorite color is black, like his daughter. His favorite weapon is a war hammer and he carries one wherever he goes. His favorite creature is the mimic. He uses them in his temples to ward off thieves.

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