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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Knowledge
Divine Rank. Demigod

Orn was brought into existence long ago by a group of arrogant wizards in an attempt to make their own god. Their attempts failed to make a full god, but instead made the Demigod Orn. The wizards attempt to constrain and control Orn failed and they were destroyed. Orn, newly created in the world and free, sought one thing, knowledge. Orn began to collect and gather all the information he could and began to collect it in a library of his design. On top of knowledge Orn often collects powerful artifacts to hold onto and potentially experiment with. Orn typically resides within his library which can be moved to places within the world where he can protect and watch over his collection of Knowledge. He will sometimes loan information to people who visit him.(He pricks a drop of blood from the person he loans to allowing him to see what the person does with the information and will retrieve the loaned object at the time limit by any means.) Orn takes the shape of a 3 foot tall bipedal Owl in black robes but can also choose to take the form of a Gigantic sized owl. In symbols and art work of Orn he is typically portrayed as a giant owl flying through the night sky and in front of the moon. Orn does not typically interact with other deity's unless it benefits him by allowing him to gain unknown knowledge . Orn is normally worshiped by Good aligned people and seekers of knowledge. Like other deity's he is worshiped by people of all class and inspires new Paladins and Clerics in his name in order to gain the strength to quest for more knowledge. Sometimes normal worshipers who where not trained from birth to become Paladins or Clerics will quest to find the current location of Orn's library in order to strike a deal to search for knowledge in his name and gain the power of a "Warlock". The places of worship built to worship Orn normally have one floor built as a church and the rest of the building could be a library or college. Orn would know all there is to know about the location his library is placed and might help people who visit him but would not intervene in the going on's of the world directly. He could potentially have any magic items or artifacts from his eons of collection and research so I leave it up to the DM's discretion.

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