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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Death
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Death is the second oldest of the Endless and has closer relations to them compared to destiny. She advises Dream when he is confused and makes sure Despair and Desire don't get out of hand when they interfere with other Endless Her form is usually of a young woman and she has a marking similar the eye of horus around her right eye. She generally looks goth and wears casual clothes.

Her duties consist of collecting the souls of the dead, she takes her duties casually but does not usually stray from them. Every century she spends a day living as a mortal and then dying, this is because she tries to experience what the people she meets do and have more of a connection to them.

Death is Omnipresent, usually not in physical form. she can see all possible ends and beginnings for all beings, making her possibly more powerful than destiny. She can go anywhere and is present at the end and beginnings of all beings, barring those claimed by another death god, otherwise she is all powerful in terms of collecting souls.

She has to obey two rules as an Endless, she cannot fall in love with a mortal or it will perish and she cannot hurt her family.

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