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The Chain[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Death, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

The Chain is a god of Fighters and pain. His school of combat is detailed here.

The Chain is a ruthless fighter who, along with eleven friends, was granted godhood by Argentahl after they defended the material plane from a demonic invasion. Each of them founded a school of combat. The Chain has taken Fighters as his protégés, teaching those who are worthy the art of destroying the body and mind of thier enemies. The Chain accepts any non-evil student of Chaotic or Neutral alignment.

The Chain resisdes in the sanctum of his school, which is a castle-like fortification hidden in a chasm within a mountain range. If a worthy mortal is strong of will enough to make the journey to The Chain's school and sharp of mind enough to discover it, they are given the opportunity to join one of the twelve Zodiac Of Pain schools (which are connected via teleportation circles), allowing them to become the kind of warrior that befits them the most. If they decline, they will be subdued and thier memories modified. The Chain teaches an exotic style of fighting including archaic weapons and strategic use of spiritual magic.

The Chain is a half-orc. He wears cracked plate armour vibrant with dark energy, and has a naginata that fades into the shadows.

The Chain is loyal and logical, but impulsive, and usually only intervenes in the affairs of mortals to help one of his friends in the Zodiac Of Pain pantheon.

Clerics of The Chain are usually good or neutral, as any disciple of the Zodiac Of Pain who turns to evil is executed, but they are often sadistic and brutal in thier slaughter of evil beings. Also, Clerics of the chain are usually Fighters instead of Clerics.

  • Story or quest hooks:

Maybe the adventurers have heard rumours about a mysterious castle hidden in a nearby mountain range, which is in fact the school. Possibly a evil warrior (an evil disciple of The Chain) has been using strange magic to slaughter townsfolk, and strange people (disciples of The Burst who have been tasked with hunting down the warrior) have been seen fading in and out of existence.

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