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Alignment. Lawful Evil
Domains. Knowledge, War
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Dukagsh is called The First All mighty Leader, or the Scro Father. He inspires his followers to always better themselves so they can drive all other races form space.
When Dukagsh died the love of his people allowed him to take upon him the mantle of godhood. When he awoke he was met by Shargaas who made a deal to help him bring about the downfall of Gruumsh. Shargaas helped him setup his base of operations and learn how to use his powers before Gruumsh could find him and destroy him.
Dukagsh resides on the plane of Acheron. His base of operations is a large floating city that houses a large fleet of flying ships that Dukagsh uses to capture orcs that are followers of Gruumsh and changes them into scro with the goal of turning all orcs into scro. He plans on destroying Gruumsh and his son for sure, taking Luthic as his mate and transforming Shargaas and Yurtrus into proper scro deities.
When Dukagsh creates an avatar he appears as a scro that stands 8 feet tall and his eyes glow pale green even in bright day light. He is always armed with a pair of starwheel pistols and a longsword that has a rudy in the hilt. His armor in a black studded leather with the studs made of diamonds and wears a night-blue cloak, so when you look at him it looks like his body is the night sky.
Dukagsh has created the following godhood positions in the pantheon: Duurk god of vengeance, Hogar god of strategy, Sheggen god of crafting and shipbuilding, Rukagsh god of magic and knowledge, Magga goddess of homelife and fertility, Lagga goddess of death, and Treeba goddess of earth and farming.
Typically, his more warlike followers prefer to use the image of a pair of crossed pistols to show their faith, while his more scholarly followers prefer to use imagery of glowing green eyes.
There is an order of knights called the Hand of Dukagsh that are tasked with searching out groups of orcs than were standard in the unhuman wars and bringing them to enlightenment and the scro lifestyle.
True orcs and other devotees of Gruumsh consider worship of Dukagsh to be the ultimate heresy, and attack scro on sight.

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