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Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Knowledge, Arcana
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Rukagsh, the god of magic, knowledge and law is the son of Dukagsh and Magga. Rukagsh mainly resides in a fortress in the outlands near the town of Rigus. but has a tower on the floating city his father controls in Acheron. Rukagsh was the first albino born to the Scro and had the gift of magic. During his life he became a wizard and founded the first library and created the public school system and wrote most of the legal code. When his father died and became a god, Dukagsh elevated his son to godhood and placed him in charge of Scro learning and magic. Rukagsh's avatar appears as an albino wearing white robes and carries a black long sword with silver runes on the blade

His priests wear white robes with rukagsh's holy Symbol on it. His priests are the judges and teachers of Scro society.

Rukagsh is very fond of taking elven magical items and creating his own versions of them. he has done this with moonblades. He calls them starblades. he has created one for each Almighty leader on Dukagsh and one for the Ultimate High Overlord. unlike moon blades they are tied to the office not to a family line. Rukagsh's starblade has a special feature it has the powers of all the others starblades.

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