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Magga's holy symbol is a shining star

Alignment. Lawful neutral
Domains. life light
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Magga is goddess of homelife and fertility. She is also the wife of Dukagsh. and mother of Rukagsk and Lagga. in life Magga was a fierce warrior in the unhuman wars. She and Dukagsh met in a battle where he was wounded and about to be killed if she hadn't killed the elf before he shot Duagsh. When they landed on the Scro home world she decided the endless war was not for her and wanted to stay at home and raise her children. She saw the logic behind Dukagsh change in tactics but thought that war except to defend the homeland was pointless. During her life she worked with her husband to bring about his dream of a new kind of orc. When he died he elevated her to godhood above all his mates. She resides in the floating city in Acheron

Her priests are in charge of the hospitals and taking care of the children of the tribe until they begin schooling.

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