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Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Nature
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Oakider is one of the elemental gods of An'evor created by Barensu king of the gods for the purpose of keeping peace. Oakider took solace in the peaceful forests and villages of the people and became a hero among them when he would use his powers to grow the fruit of the trees. He has a bitter hatred for Tetsutetsu after one of the most bountiful forests was cut down for a new laboratory. Like his brother Pyr'in Oakider spends more time in the mortal realm then the god realm as its more peaceful for him to read his books.

Typically Oakider is seen as a cleric in green robes healing the world with one hand while reading poetry in from the other. His followers are typically wearing a green pendent and seek knowledge and truth in the world. When a dragon was spawned from the chaos of the underworld and started attacking the forest Oakider entrusted his power to a village elder who shared his love in the forest by giving him a whip wound from his vine like hair.

Oakider is fond of adventure and good times with his brothers Ke Kī and Pyr'in.

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