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Phil Swift[edit]

Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Knowledge and Death
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

A long time ago, there existed a time of darkness among people. They had troubles and not one person who could help them. They needed aid from the very gods. This was the time of Phil's entry into human culture. Followers of Phil said he had great knowledge to bestow upon them, if they but only prayed to him. His followers were devout, offering sacrifices of oxen and sheep to the great Phil, building temples and statues to Phil's glory, hoping that one day he might grace them with his presence. The followers of Phil would do anything to please their lord.

It is said that once every few hundred years, Phil sends his human avatar to interact with the people of the world, to see if they are worthy of his knowledge. Though only few have seen him, they say that he is often a kind soul who only seeks food and bed from those willing to provide. Those who did so said they were blessed with great wisdom that saved their lives. In the idols that his followers make, he is depicted as a large human man with a grin on his face, wearing formal clothes. This is the image that most see of their lord Phil when he appears in their mind.

Those who worship Phil who have had a brush with death say that Phil awaits them, to lead their soul into a paradise of knowledge where the greatest minds live. This domain is the home of Phil, which according to those who witnessed the world is "as wide and as vast as the stars" and "grander than anything the minds of men could dare dream of."

Other gods tend not to interfere in Phil's business, as they fear his power. Though he may be of good intent, the other gods cower at what he might do should they mettle in his business. In addition, if Phil asks for their aid, they will do whatever they can to assist the mighty god of knowledge.

The people who worship Phil are typically those who seek knowledge, require aid, or seek to have something in their lives repaired. The clerics of Phil's domain are rather knowledgeable and tend to never let broken things stay in such a state, unless they see that it should remain that way. They can typically be found at temples devoted to his holiness, designed in grand black and white stone and typically afloat in nearby water, such as a lake or ocean.

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