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The Family[edit]

The Fallen pantheon, the family that most say never existed and they have proof. "How can a shadow love one made of starlight?" they'd say, "How can 2 sisters be so different?" Many say none of these deities were real, just the makings of bards and clerics and paladins, trying to find any explanation for things. Others say they've met the mother of the goddesses, the sister of nature, or someone who has met them. There's no one around anymore who hasn't heard of at least of the girl made of light and boy of darkness that fell in love despite their conflicting natures.

The Parents[edit]

No matter what, Etheria and the Shadow are proud to be parents. They created the world itself, Etheria crafting the people and animals while the Shadow painted the night sky and carved the mountains. Men and women alike in the beginning of the universe saw the Shadow and Etheria use magic unlike anything known in the known universe, making some think they came from the Far Realms despite the stories that Etheria had humanity pass down, which they did for millennia, until humanity lost their faith.

The Nature Sisters[edit]

From when they were born to now, Lily and Lilith have had a friendly rivalry between them. When they started spreading their power through children in the hands of humans and the like, they had a less-than-friendly argument that sounded a little like, "No, Lilith do not take my daughter to go see dragons," and "But, Lily, they're harmless". Lily when she was born, immediately learned how to control the jungle, how to control the seas. Lilith's focus was how to trip Lily up and bother her.

The Library Sisters[edit]

And finally, we come to Ferra and Kerra, the sisters of knowledge and trickery. While Ferra was in the libraries, reading books and learning all she could about every little thing in the universe, Kerra was busy learning how to lie. When they grew up, Kerra would read Ferra's books while Ferra would rectify the lies Kerra had told to the mortals, such as that the sun was not a god, but a burning ball of gas. After a while, Ferra started giving mortals her books, since mortals will apparently believe anything they read... or are told.

Well, there you go! A family of 6, a family of magic that can create or destroy worlds. Some say that when Etheria and the Shadow gather their children and their children's children, the universe as we know it will end and another will be built in its place, but no one's truly sure. All that anyone is sure about is once upon a time, our world began. And so did our stories.

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