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Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Tempest, Storm, Lightning
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Valrum was once a drifter aasimar who offered himself to a powerful thunderstorm that swept the celestial realm. Instead of being killed, he was made into a god with authority over thunderstorms. Without any family or worshipers, He secluded himself to an island plateau floating in the sky called Fulgur. There he made his home and shrouded it behind a veil of eternal thunderstorms. Thinking he was alone, Valrum was surprised to find tribes of Aasimar living on the same skyland on which he isolated himself. Feeling responsible for cutting them off from the rest of the celestial realm, he vowed to protect them and provide them rain for their lands and wind for their mills.

Valrum has been mentioned having taken two forms. The first is a tall but slender man in a cloak with a small thunderstorm in place of his head, and a rain cloud always overhead. The other form Valrum has been seen taking is that of a massive white dragon covered with storm clouds, wrapped in chains of lightning. It is believed these two forms represent his vow to both protect and provide for his followers.

Valrum is said to have unrequited affection for the goddess Avia. He often asks for her to share her blessings of love to his followers, hoping he too will be blessed by the goddess he secretly adores.

His followers are the tribes of Fulgur, most of which are peaceful farming and industrious tribes, creating towns and cities that rival the mortal realm. However, several tribes opt to battle one another for the favor of their deity. Valrum neither rewards nor punishes this behavior, instead granting his blessings to young children who have a natural curiosity of the tempest and brave its winds. Clerics and other diviners have likewise earned a small amount of favor from Valrum as he shares the power of the tempest with them as a show of gratitude for their worship. Temples for Valrum take the form of citadels with large landings at the top of their spires for worship and hopes that Valrum will visit the site. It is believed that souls of the followers he blessed drift within the tempest as ethereal angels that are reborn when lightning strikes a temple dedicated to Valrum, but there is no evidence to disprove this.

Adventurers who worship Valrum are often from Fulgur and are likely to be obsessed with lightning and thunderstorms, attributing the ferocious power to the might of Valrum. Though he is a lesser deity, he is by no means weak. Such followers might also wield the deities favored weapon, a maul, to bring the thunderous power of their deity to bare. Followers of Valrum typically wear royal blue with his symbol, a twisting ring with 5 lightning bolts converging on a single point.

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